Ten of the Main Pain Relief Points in the Human Body

Ten of the Main Pain Relief Points in the Human Body

In our daily life, whether it is due to stress or illness, we can feel pain at different intensities in various parts of our bodies. Definitely, the doctor’s advice is the most important thing, but did you know that there are points in our body where some pain can be cut off? If your answer is “no”, this article will be useful for you. Let’s say that all of them are methods used in traditional Chinese medicine and these won’t work for everyone, but for some people, it is a life changer…

Pressure on the “Yindang” Point for Headache

The Yindang Point is exactly the space between our two eyebrows. Headache is a condition that we all experience due to stress and some diseases. Instead of using unnecessary medicine, you should try to apply pressure to the “yindang” point.

Rub Your Back For Back Pain

Back pain is almost inevitable after a tiring day. If your back hurts, rubbing your lower back, from your kidneys to your tailbone, twice a day will relieve your pain. You should do this 50-100 times each time.

Pressure on “Hukou” and “Xiaguan” Points for Toothache

The Hukou Point is the point where our index and thumbs meet. The Xiaguan Point is the hollow part of the cartilage at the entrance of your ear. If you apply pressure to these two points when you have a toothache, you can find a solution to your problem.

Massage the “Jianjing” Point for Shoulder Pain

Jianjing point is the part that crosses our shoulder level when we go up from our nipple. Pressurized massage to this point helps to get rid of shoulder pain and eye strain. Those suffering from high blood pressure, heart and brain diseases should not apply prolonged pressure to this point.

Ten of the Main Pain Relief Points in the Human Body

Pressure on the “Neiguan” Point for Heartache

The Neiguan point is on the inside of our arm and 3-4 fingers above our wrist. 5 minutes of pressure on this point will be good for your heart pain as it will speed up your blood flow and reduce heart compression. It should not be forgotten that this application is only an auxiliary and first aid application and a doctor should be consulted in case of heart pain.

Pressure on the “Neiguan” Point for Nausea

It is found on your inner arm near your wrist. Doing acupressure on this point can help with nausea and prevent vomiting.

Pressure on the “Taichong” Point for Menstrual Pain

The Taichong point is the point where our thumb and second toes meet in a V shape on the top of our feet. 1 minute of pressure on the Taichong point on your left foot with your right hand and then on the Taichong point on your right foot with your left hand will do you good.

Pressure on the “Hegu” Point for Headaches.

INFO: Pressure point LI-4 is also called Hegu (her-goo). It is found on the back of your hand. It is between the base of your thumb and index (pointer) finger (see Figure 1). Doing acupressure on this point can help with pain and headaches.

Ten of the Main Pain Relief Points in the Human Body

Pressure on the “Zhong Zu” Point for Neck Pain.

INFO: The Zhong Zu point is located between the knuckles above your pinky and ring fingers. This pressure point may stimulate different parts of your brain when it’s activated, promoting circulation and tension release. Stimulate this point to relieve neck pain that’s caused by tension or stress.

Rub Behind Your Earlobe to Improve a Stiff Neck.

INFO: Feng Chi is behind your earlobe, toward the top of your neck and the base of your skull. Reflexologists use this point to treat everything from fatigue to headaches. Stimulating this pressure point may improve a stiff neck caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

If you are not quite sure what to do yourself there are reflexology lessons online for you to follow along with and if you know of any other pain relief points in the human body do let us know in the comments below.

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