Ten Ways to Make Your Car Fuel Go Further

Ten Ways to Make Your Car Fuel Go Further

With increasing fuel prices day by day, how can you use an economical vehicle in the most efficient way? No matter what fuel powers your car you will find these ten simple tips will make it last just a little while longer and keep your car going further…

Don’t Speed

Avoid driving at high speed and speed. Every 1 km/h increase in speed after 90 km/h will increase your fuel consumption by 1%.

Avoid Traffic, or Move Slowly

Avoid driving in a stop-and-go mode. Do not use the brake too much.


When going downhill, drive in the appropriate gear instead of neutral and without pressing the gas.


Avoid items that will cause unnecessary weight gain in the vehicle. Every extra 100 kg on the vehicle means an extra 1 litre of fuel per 100 km.

Ten Ways to Make Your Car Fuel Go Further

Wind Resistance

Do not use add-ons that will impair the vehicle aerodynamics and create resistance against the wind, if there are such add-ons, remove them.

Clean Those Filters

Take care of the cleanliness of your air filters and replace the worn filters immediately. Air quality is as important as the quality of fuel going to the engine.

Check That Tyre Pressure

Make sure your tire pressures are at the appropriate level. Check your air pressures whenever you have the opportunity, and make sure that they are at the values ​​in the user manual.

Cruise Control

If your vehicle has “Cruise Control” try to use it on flat roads. The cruise control system causes more fuel consumption as it will increase the engine speed of the vehicle on hilly roads.

Ten Ways to Make Your Car Fuel Go Further

Turn That Engine Off

If you are going to stand by for a long time in a traffic jam, or other long-term stoppages try stopping the vehicle instead of idling.

Air Con is a Con

Be careful when using that air conditioner. There should not be much difference between the outside temperature and the degree of air conditioning. Finally, instead of keeping your air conditioners on all the time, prefer to turn them on from time to time.

Do you have any other tips that will make our car’s fuel last even longer? If you do why not let us know in the comments below.

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