Ten Ways to Stay Cool on Those Hot Summer Nights

Let’s face it. These days it doesn’t even have to be summer to be warm and muggy in the night and that can make sleeping difficult. But sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge. So a restless night, because it is too hot and humid, will leave you feeling tired and drowsy for the day ahead. The good news is there are a number of easy ways you can prevent this from happening and get a good nights sleep even on the warmest of nights…

Keep The Bedroom Dark

Keep The Bedroom Dark

The darker the bedroom the cooler it will be. But you don’t just want it to be dark, you want it to be darker than Satans heart. Try hanging a thick blanket over the curtains to clock out all the light you can. Shut the door a few hours before going to bed and leave a small fan on as well rotating to cool the air down even more. You can also get blackout blinds to achieve this.

Blow Through

A good way to create a micro-climate in your bedroom is to make a cross-breeze. This means you let the slow summer wind blow through your house, not just in one room. So for example letting the wind go in through the bedroom window and out the spare bedroom window, leaving both wide open.

The Reverse Hot Water Bottle

You don’t have to use a hot-water bottle, but you can use ice packs or just about anything to cool your bed down a little before you get into it. Just make sure no water can leak into the bed and you can use anything you want. But a hot-water bottle filled with ice and placed in the freezer is a good way to do this.

Use Fans to Suck

Use Fans to Suck

If you get a little more creative with your fans you can always point the fans OUT of the window blowing all the warm air outside and letting the cooler outside air in. This method works surprisingly well, especially if you use more than one fan.

No Tech

Do you iron in your bedroom? Do you watch TV? If you do try not to use anything that will get warm. TV’s, things on standby and even bright lightbulbs can warm a room up a few degrees and those few degrees could make all the difference.

Keep Yourself Cool

It’s not just about keeping the bedroom cool, it is also about keeping you cool as well. Maybe take a cold shower before going to bed or eating light foods so you are not going to bed overfull. As a general rule the cooler you are the cooler the room will feel.

Consider The Room Below

Consider The Room Below

Do you live in a two-story house? If your bedroom is above the kitchen you might want to try and avoid cooking big meals on the stove because warm air rises and will seep through the cracks and into the room above. You can also place fans in the kitchen blowing the warm air out while you cool and this will also help, even if it’s only small amounts.

Think About The Sheets

Do you really need that big, thick duvet in the summertime? If you swap that for just a blanket or duvet cover only you will notice the difference You can also consider putting your pillow covers in the fridge for a little while before going to bed because keeping your head cool will make your whole body feel cooler.

Go Solo

Go Solo

If you sleep with a partner or even pets why not try and sleep separately from them. Make the pets sleep on the floor as even a small cat can raise your body temperature a few degrees even if it sleeps on the opposite side of the bed you can still feel the warmth from it. You or your partner could always sleep on the floor, or even better in a spare room. Sure, it isn’t nice to be apart, but if both of you get a better nights sleep because of it you will both benefit.

Don’t Make The Bed Until Bedtime

A good way to make the room feel cooler than it actually is is to change the bedsheets just before going to bed. Not only are your sheets cooler because they have been in a draw or cupboard, but they will also freshen up the room from any dust particles that would have rested on your otherwise rested on your pillows and mattress.

If you know of any other ways to keep your bedroom cool on hot summer nights do let us know in the comments below. Please! We all need our sleep! 

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