Ten Weird, but Interesting Facts About Blood

Ten Weird, but Interesting Facts About Blood

If we say that blood is a vital liquid, red coloured fluid that circulates in the vessels and consists of cells, we would have made a definition that everyone knows. It is derived from the Latin word Hema, and the branch of science that studies blood is called Hematology. The origin of the word ‘hema’ comes from the Greek word “haima”. To talk about blood cells; can be divided into 3 as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Blood has the functions of defence, transport, regulation and protection in our body. Blood groups, on the other hand, are classifications made by looking at the antibodies in their structure.

If you thought those nuggets of information were interesting, check out this lot…

1 Unit

Just 1 donation can save up to 3 lives. The average red blood cell transfusion is 3 pints (or 3 whole-blood donations). More than 1 million people every year are diagnosed with cancer for the first time.

Blood Donation

About 118.54 million blood donations are collected worldwide. 40% of these are collected in high-income countries, home to 16 % of the world’s population. About 13 300 blood centres in 169 countries report collecting a total of 106 million donations.

2 Seconds

Human tissues need blood every 2 seconds and in that same two seconds, someone in the world will need blood. It is essential for surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries.


A newborn baby has approximately 1 cup of blood in his body. That’s about the same amount of blood as a 10-lb. (4.5 kg) cat!



In order to absorb all the blood in the human body, approximately 1 million 200 thousand mosquitoes need to be bitten.


Only female mosquitoes bite to suck blood, which they use to make their eggs, and the same goes for horseflies, deer flies and black flies. Because biting flies’ bloodlust is a function of their reproduction cycle (and most complete only one generation per year), the risk of being bitten is only significant during certain times of the year — mating season, basically, mainly in the spring. Also, the intensity of their attack can vary from year to year depending on that season’s brood.

James Harrison

James Harrison donated blood 1200 times for 2 Million unborn babies for the treatment of “rhesus disease”.

Amount of Blood

The human heart pumps a total of 1 million 500 thousand barrels of blood throughout its life.


An adult human has approximately 100 Thousand Miles of veins. Your veins, capillaries and arteries would stretch for more than 60,000 miles!

HP Printer Ink

HP Printer Ink

HP printer ink is a more expensive liquid than blood. Then again, according to this infographic water and Red Bull costs $30 and $40 per Liter respectively! That’s some pricy water!

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