Ten Interesting Ancient Civilizations You Might Not Know About

Mankind has seen a lot of fascinating civilizations from ancient times until now. The most interesting are probably the ones we don’t know much about. Civilizations which have left their fingerprints on the world as we know it today. In Ancient times, in Europe and the Orient, there have been a few civilizations that were both feared and respected. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The Semites

1. The Semites

The Semites were born from the deserts of Arabia. For a few centuries, the Semites lived a nomadic lifestyle, because of their herds which were always in search of grazing This captivating nation was attracted by the wealth and riches of other populations, and as a result they soon advanced in the territories between the Persic Golf and Palestine Soon after this last movement they became sedentary, and created their own life on the rich soils o Mesopotamia and Syria. They coexisted in a period of time with the Sumerians, but they gradually managed to win over the entire land of Mesopotamia.

The Egyptians

2. The Egyptians

The Egyptian civilization is without a doubt the most mysterious and fascinating cultures of all time. Their life was dependent on the mighty Nile River, which provided them with resources, water and protection The history of Ancient Egypt has evolved slowly but surely. They have given us the pyramids a diverse and wonderful history, proud Gods and many other wonders. We have to mention Tutankhamun’s tomb and the King’s Valley, the mummies and the grand temples.


3. Indo-Europeans

Most scientists consider that the origins Indo-European civilizations can be found near the Black Sea, Caucazia, the Caspian Sea and the steppes of EurAsia. The hierarchical social structure, their fighting nature and the patriarchy are dominant features of the Indo-European civilizations. These civilizations settled in Greece, Anatolia and the Danube Basin, and they are responsible with the forming of the first villages and cities in those regions.

The Greeks

4. The Greeks

Approximately 2000 small islands surround Greece. The dry climate with harsh winds did not permit them to cultivate the lands. The country is not rich in natural resources and minerals, it doesn’t have any natural defenses, so how could such a poor country become one of the most important civilizations of all time. It is not only architecture and culture that we have inherited from the Greeks They have given us beautiful cities, philosophers, geniuses and strong principles to live by. There are a lot of things to be said when it comes to the Greeks, but we should stop here.

The Saracens

5. The Saracens

Although they are usually referred to as oppressing and aggressive invaders, these migratory Muslims have had a thing or two to say when it comes to our history. Saracens are the predecessors of the Arab people. They are also very popular thanks to the Age of Empires games.

The Turks

6. The Turks

Another example of invaders are the turks. Although most of their history has been tainted with blood, they have also contributed to the architecture and the arts. And it is because of their irrefutable rule over so many civilizations, that they manage to shape some of the countries of the present.

The Byzantines

7. The Byzantines

The culture and civilization of the Byzantines is a sum of political games, religious aspects, and intellectual elements of the decaying Ancient World. It was actually the only civilization which continued to flourish for over 11 centuries. While other countries of the world were sunk in darkness, Byzantine managed to integrate oriental elements in an occidental way of life.

The Cretans

8. The Cretans

The Cretan civilization is part of the Bronze Age, and it developed on the Island of Crete for approximately 300 years. It was discovered thanks to the British archaeologist Arthur Evans. Personally, I believe that this civilization is the most interesting of them all, because for the first time in human history, thought was given to the life of a man. They weren’t warriors, but they were excellent democrats and their main concern was how to make life better for their people.

The Templar Knights

9. The Templar Knights

This is not a civilization it is more of an organisation, but I felt that it should be mentioned. The poor soldiers of Jesus Christ, or the Templar Knights were the most popular order of military monks. They played an important part in the Crusades, and their power was immense.

The Persians

10. The Persians

Situated between the Tiber The Indus, The Caspic Sea and the Indian Ocean is Persia. Important c routes have intersected on this land for thousands of years. It is here that the Persian civilization was born, grew and found its end. Persia has seen a lot of empires and kingdoms, but the history of the Persian civilization was also in a strong relationship with Asiria and Babylon.

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