Ten of The Most Famous Salvador Dali Artworks

We all know Salvador Dali is one of the most famous surrealist painters. With influences like Picasso and Miro, no one needs Photoshop. Here are the 10 most famous pictures of his artworks, along with some information on each one. While this is more of a personal list than I like to post I promise you this will still be an interesting peeking into Salvador Dali‘s artworks…

Landscape Near Figueras

10. Landscape Near Figueras

This little landscape might not appear as fantastic when you first see it, unless you know it was painted by Salvador Dali when he was six years old. You can see parts of the motive on the postcard shines through the paint. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes but not all of us use a postcard.

Dream Caused by the Flight

9. Dream Caused by the Flight

Painting number #9 on our list is indeed a very famous one. The first painting in which Dali used the elephant symbol, and also a painting done while he was living in America: ‘’ Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening’’.


8. Crucifixion

Like any other genius of his time, Dali had a fascination for mathematics and physics. His view of the crucifixion is presented clearly through this painting, which shows an unfolded hypercube on which Jesus is crucified. The interesting point is the perspective used for this painting in particular, Dali showing interest for the shapes rather than the biblical theme.

Still Life Moving Fast

7. Still Life Moving Fast

Not only is Dali known for using distortion of the shapes as a tool in creating an artistic impression, he is also know for his concern of presenting normal objects as they come to life day by day. He manages to capture, through his genius, light gleams from the metal knife blade, a glass bottle realistically refracting light and examples in this particular painting.

Apparition of Face

6. Apparition of Face

Another masterpiece from Dali is Apparition of Face and Fruit- dish on a Beach. The work amazes by presenting hidden objects and figures for the intuitive eyes. The more you look at the painting, the more you will discover new shapes and ideas. A painting like this one is a perfect puzzle for the viewer’s brain.

The Face of War

5. The Face of War

Not only did Dali create masterpieces illustrating beauty, he also materialized the horrors of humanity as we can see in this painting. The props he designed for the film Moontide, were so s that they were rejected because the technician refused to build them.

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man

4. Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man

This painting shows the Dali view of the birth of the new man, the American man. The hatching man sheds a drop of blood while birthing from North America, sinking his hand into the egg hatch where England is situated. The overall transformation of the globe to resemble an egg and the birth of a new nation is symbolized by Dali in this particular painting, the birth being watched by a naked woman and a child. The woman is showing the geopoliticus child the event. Note that this artwork was completed in 1943.

The Invisible Man

3. The Invisible Man

The Invisible man is the first painting in which Dali used double images. A new imagine, that of a man is formed by the outline of the other surrounding objects presented in the painting, like was done by Milan painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Architectonic Angelus

2. Architectonic Angelus

Dali’s comment on this particular artwork was that the woman, represented by the stone using a crutch is the dominant character in the image, the aggressor that pushed part of herself in order to reach and make physical contact with the male, represented by the bigger stone in the painting. The inspiration or this painting, famous enough to reach number #2 on our list is the couple in “L’angelus” from Jean-François Millet.

The Persistence of Memory

1. The Persistence of Memory

Although time, represented by various clocks in this famous painting, tends to melt away and fade, the memory persists beyond the barriers of known human dimensions. This is the most famous painting Salvador Dali created and probably represents a painful truth for some, a magical discovery for others. The painting The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali is number one on our list of fame.

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