Ten Unusual Bookshelves Any Book Worm Will Love

Customization and personalization are two prevalent features in today’s tendencies, especially when decorating your house’s interior – nothing says you better than your home. As such, we’ve decided to amass ten unusual bookshelves to decorate your living room or bedroom with. A bit of history tells us that the concept of a bookcase is represented by Bibliotheca and Bibliotheke in Latin and, respectively, Greek, both meaning library in today’s languages. Furthermore, the oldest pieces of bookcases in the UK are to be found in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. Amongst the established designers and manufacturers of bookcases, we find names such as Chippendale and Sheraton. With that said, let’s see what the creative minds of designers came up with.

Branch Bookshelf

10. Branch Bookshelf

We begin our list of ten unusual bookshelves with this superb piece of furniture inspired by nature’s branch shapes. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz originally designed it, and he called it “Metamorphosis”. The branch-shaped bookshelf is made from Baltic birch plywood.

Tree-Shaped Bookshelf

9. Tree-Shaped Bookshelf

Since we’ve mentioned nature-inspired bookshelves, I found this amazing tree-looking piece of furniture designed by Maria Yasko. Inspired by nature’s beauty, Maria created several other models that recreate trees, waterfalls, birds, and so forth.

Laica Bookshelf

8. Laica Bookshelf

Available in various colours – crystal white, soft black, ground red, savana, ocean and turquoise- Laica bookshelves are made entirely by hand and accentuate style, quality, and ingenuity. The colours are refinished in glossy lacquer or a soft-touch effect.

Saba Italia Bookcase

7. Saba Italia Bookcase

Following the style of the Italian furniture manufacturer Saba we found this stylish bookcase that adopts curved lines, giving the entire room an effect of harmony and space. The company used opaque white wood to create this piece, but it’s also available in other colours.

Twin Shelves By gt2P

6. Twin Shelves By gt2P

The Twin Shelves’ unique design and beautiful lines highlight the creativity of the Chilean design studio gt2P. You can store books, magazines, decorative figurines and basically anything that fits the empty space. But as outstanding as it looks, I wouldn’t personally put anything but books in it.

Diagonal Bookshelf

5. Diagonal Bookshelf

When I first read about this bookcase, I was impressed. Why? Because it was designed by Michelle Nicholls – a student at Prat Institute. Nothing of interest? You should know that the young mind created this piece of furniture from wood found on the street. Talking about recycling, eh?

Flybrary Bookshelf

4. Flybrary Bookshelf

Satina Turner created this next product in the list of ten unusual bookshelves. Coated in a fine layer of powder, it features a simple yet smart design, as it saves space and keeps your books together in a fashionable manner.

US Shaped Bookcase

3. US Shaped Bookcase

As beautiful and unique as it looks, the piece is called by its author Ron Arad “‘Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends” – an interesting yet odd name for a bookcase. It’s made of stainless and Corten steel and contains all contiguous states.

Cave Bookcase

2. Cave Bookcase

Here’s a unique one for you – the Cave Bookcase was designed by Sakura Adachi and is a testimony of uniqueness, ingenuity and imagination. With the Cave Bookcase you have your private reading space that’s as comfortable as it looks. Want to read during the night? No worries, it also features a light-bulb at the top.

Bookwave Storage

1. Bookwave Storage

Simply mind-blowing, that’s what this bookcase says. The Bookwave Hanging Storage piece mimics the beauty of a curtain and can act as a space divider just as well. This superb bookcase can be expanded to any size, made of soft fabric and combined with stainless steel for durability.

Are you a book worm? If you are which of these amazing bookcases would you like to own? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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