Ten Animals With Bizarre Sexual Practices

Ten Animals With Bizarre Sexual Practices

The sex life of wild animals is often so bizarre as some of the most insane scenarios possible to imagine. And in this selection are highlighted the 10 animals with bizarre sexual practices

10 – Garter Snake and Group Sex

The garter snakes are beautiful creatures, and tourists gather to Manitoba to see them every year. However, they are not there for the pretty colours, but to observe how the mating of the snake.

In early spring, the red side female garter snake emerges from hibernation and release pheromones to attract the male snakes. She attracts so many that a “ball” of typical mating is formed; a mass of contortion in movement, more than a hundred males trying to mate with the female in the center of the ball.

9 – Ducks and Birth Control

Among these animals, forced copulation is something extremely painful, because the ducks males have penile spines pointing backwards. The ducks also have male penis of 20 cm long, shaped like a corkscrew.

Paws females have evolved vaginas that are long and also in the shape of a corkscrew, but in the opposite direction. This ensures that any attempt at forced copulation proved very difficult for the male, and he abandons the Chase. However, if she is willing, relax the muscles of your genital tract to allow the male to penetrate fully.

8 – Bowerbirds Males and Dating

The male bowerbird shows his talent as a master builder. He builds a nest designed to attract the female bird. This rich construction is due to the demanding nature of the female; she visits prospective suitors at least 3 times before you decide with whom to mate.

Bats and Oral Sex

7 – Bats and Oral Sex

The Act of oral sex is not monopolized by humans; bonobos, apes, fruit bats, all are animals who engage in oral sex.

During copulation upside down, the female short-nosed frugífera repeatedly bends over and licks the male organ. The researchers found that this helped to prolong intercourse, often doubling the time.

6 – Porcupines and Golden Shower

The journey to procreate is not smooth for the male or female porcupine. For one, there are more than 30,000 sharp thorns to face. More, the female only has one window of fertility of 8 to 12 hours. After she sprays her scent to attract males, she climbs a tree and watches the males who come to fight to determine who gets to mate with her.

The victorious male now has to climb the tree to the tree branch next to it, to rise up on their hind legs and dump on the female urine of the erect penis. If she’s ready, will raise the tail and will allow the male to mount her.

5 – Bonobos

To a bonobo chimp, sex is the answer to everything. Bonobos are also well known for displaying “expressions” similar to the sex of humans. They kiss with tongues and mate facing each other. They have evolved to use sex as a way to diffuse aggression and not only as a means of reproduction.


4 – Dolphins

Dolphins are intended to be very intelligent creatures. The reason they know that females who have just given birth are not interested in mating, is the male dolphins kill dolphin puppies just for mothers to stay interested in mating again.

Dolphins also show a great appetite for sex; scientists say that dolphins, bonobos and humans are the only species that have sex for pleasure.

3 – Giraffes and Taste Tests

Males choose the companions for flavour, through an approach known as the “Flehmen sequence”. The male evaluates the adequacy of a female by caressing his ass to feel the taste of urine.

2 – Pandas and Lack of Interest

When in captivity, these exotic animals are notoriously bad for reproduction. Even in supposedly ideal environments, sex hardly happens.

One reason may be because the female pandas only experience sexual arousal, once a year, within a narrow window of 24 to 72 hours. Another aspect of this problem is that the window can happen at any time between February and may.

Australian Marsupial Rat and Death by Sex

1 – Australian Marsupial Rat and Death by Sex

This animal is a type of marsupial native to Australia. And they have sexual intercourse only once in a lifetime. With the clock marking, the males of this species usually live for only one year, and Viper must find a way to procreate as quickly as possible.

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