Ten Weird and Bizarre Cosmetic Surgeries People Undergo

Ten Weird and Bizarre Cosmetic Surgeries People Undergo

Profesional plastic surgery is an essential part of medicine that helps people with some deformities get them corrected and get a relatively normal life. Cosmetic surgery is another level of plastic surgery that, despite fetching plastic surgeons more money, can go overboard really fast. It all starts when someone thinks their bodies don’t look as good as they should be and assume that a procedure by a surgeon may help fix things. Now, getting a little breast augmentation or a but lift is quite normal. However, when you start moving ears and nose, filling lips, shortening or increasing the length of legs and introducing permanent dimples on cheeks, it becomes freaky. Here are some of the weirdest plastic surgeries people go for.


During the pandemic, Dr Michael Salzhauer made headlines when he introduced drive-thru Botox in Miami. It was a smart way to attract clients at a time when hospitals had no room for patients in need of cosmetic procedures. One of the things the famous “Dr Miami” offered was Pokertox which has been around for years actually. It is a type of Botox that prevents poker players from giving themselves away through facial expressions. The Botox shuts off the nervous response by certain facial muscles making it impossible to tell whether the player has a good hand or a bad one. While poker is a great game, many will agree that it is not worth losing your grin, smile or even frown over.

Buccal Fat Removal

Some people feel like their face is a little too chubby and therefore choose to have some of the fat in their mid-cheek area removed. The procedure can be done on any part of your body that you feel has excessive fat including your inner thighs and even the chin. Plastic surgeons freeze your fat pads in these areas before permanently removing them leaving your face slimmer and more contoured. The only problem with this procedure is that it can leave you looking more aged if too much of the fat is removed. The allure of a contoured face, perfect knees and sharp jawlines by celebrities is the main reason why so many people seek this procedure.

Rib Removal for the Perfect Waist

The barbie waist aka the perfect hourglass figure is considered the perfect standard of beauty by some people. To get that figure, some people have their 12th, 11th and sometimes 10th ribs removed to reduce the size of their waists. The procedure is done under anaesthetic, but recovery can take up to six months, so it is still a painful procedure. The ribs, especially the 11th and the 10th protect vital body organs including your bladder, stomach and intestines so removing them for a perfect waistline may not be such a good idea.

Leg Lengthening Surgery

If you feel like you are three to five inches short of your desired height, plastic surgery can help. Leg-lengthening surgery has made headlines all over the world after a number of complications resulting from the procedure were reported in India, the US, Italy and other countries. The procedure involves breaking leg bones in two different places, inserting metal and then achieving the required height by adjusting the metal using screws. The bone then grows new bone marrow to fill up the gad left after the extension. The patient then has to undergo months of therapy to restore mobility in the leg. Some patients develop blood clots and nerve-ending injuries. In some cases, patients lose their ability to walk unaided which undermines the reason why people go for the procedure in the first place.

Brazilian Bum lift

Brazilian Bum lift

This is actually one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world sought by people seeking to have a perfect but it had to join this list because of the number of fatalities involved. BBL is often sold as a safer option compared to silicone implants. The procedure involves harvesting fat from other parts of your body including the stomach, cheeks and underarms and then transferring the fat to the but in places where the patient feels they are insufficient.

It results in a better round bum and also eliminates the risk of sagging. However, if the fat hit a major vein, it may reach your heart and cause an embolism which causes an estimated 1 death for 3,000 people that undergo the procedure. Sometimes, the procedure fails to work as the body reabsorbs the fat-causing the patient to need the procedure again.

Feet Fillers

Some call it the stiletto lift which might sound unnecessary for many but according to Dr Toth, a cosmetic feet surgeon in New York, the procedure helps people that stay on their feet all day feel less pain. The pain factor aside, the biggest attraction to this procedure is the desire to fit in more fashionable high heels and feel less pain you walk in them. The procedure involves filling the foot with a silicon or other form of cushioning that makes your feet feel fuller and be less sensitive to the pressure of walking in heels. There are risks involved including poor sensitivity and nerve injury.


Let’s face it; dimples are just awesome! However, they are not worth risking permanent scarring and looking like poked dough over, right? Anyways, the worst consequences only happen when you don’t get a well-trained plastic surgeon and facility to perform the procedure. It is a simple procedure that involves cutting the inside of the mouth to access a muscle in the cheek called the buccinator muscle. Creating a hole in this muscle by separating it causes the patient to have dimples. It takes a few hours to complete and a few more weeks of a sore mouth and then the perfect smile comes; but then, is it worth it?

Tongue Splitting

Tongue Splitting

The tongue is a strong organ that helps with almost everything you need to live including tasting, eating, breathing and gum health. Some people prefer having it split for beauty or other purposes such as better oral sex. It is still very dangerous to have your tongue split though because you could bleed to death, lose sensitivity in your tongue, have difficulty breathing or mouth infections. People still have the procedure done on them and probably feel cutter afterwards but ‘cute’ is relative, isn’t it?


For most people, the appearance of the belly button is nothing to worry about because no one takes much interest in it anyway. However, if you are self-conscious, you might be worried about a belly button that is more angled than you like or a little protruding. Pregnancy also alters the appearance of the belly button and sometimes people prefer to have it realigned. The procedure is quite simple, the doctors will just have to remove a little extra fat and cut off some skin to get you your perfect belly button.

Instant six pack surgery

For many people, it takes years of gym trips and mindful eating to create even the simplest resemblance of a six-pack. The idea of having all that given to you within minutes of a surgical procedure is just astonishing and probably a welcome relief for some. The most common procedure involves liposuction where the fat that surrounds the six-pack muscle is frozen and then removed allowing the muscle below to be visible. The procedure which is also called abdominal etching is relatively safe and practised all over the world. Other hospitals use implants to enhance abs and muscle appearance although this doesn’t last.

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