Ten of The Worlds Most Bizarre Things Ever Found In Hotel Rooms

Ten of The Worlds Most Bizarre Things Ever Found In Hotel Rooms

So, this innocent couple walk into a hotel room they reserved two days earlier only to find a suitcase full of prosthetic legs on the bed. Sounds weird right? Well, it is nothing compared to what other guests and hotel staff have found in their hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are supposed to be these clean and well-set homes away from home where all you need to do is lie down and get a nap but that is not always the case. It is normal to find bed sheets and blankets stained with strange things and probably a few stray leftovers on the floor. These 10 findings made in hotel rooms are just out of this world though.

A Snake

Melinda Major had been a regular guest at the Hampton Inn in Memphis when she got the shock of her life in 2019. She woke up in the middle of the night when something crawled on her hand only to discover a snake wrapped around her arm. She jumped out of the bed and sent the poor guest flying into the air while she took off and climbed the desk. She dialled the front desk which got her some help. She said she was compensated for the room and offered help. She said she was gonna give her favourite inn another go in spite of that scary encounter.

A Severed Hand

This one came from a Redditor that worked in a hotel. They claimed that after starting their shift, they were sent to clean a room where they made the scary find. Turns out, it belonged to a dead body that had been found in the same room earlier. The hotel was said to be called Cranks located in Michigan.

A Meth Lab

A Meth Lab

Civic Center Motor Inn in San Francisco started offering housing for people who were in quarantine during the covid pandemic in 2020. The hotel found itself in trouble when guests called the police over a strong chemical odour from one room. It turned out to be a whole meth lab set up in the hotel room and police had to evacuate other guests because the set-up was at a high risk of exploding. Two men were later arrested for risking the lives of people who were seeking shelter from a pandemic.

Poop In The Microwave

Cleaning a hotel room is a tough job but it surely doesn’t have to get this bad. The statement was part of a Reddit thread by hotel staff on the weirdest things they had ever found in a hotel room. One Redditor said they were in a room to clean after a family which moved into a hotel after their house burned down. In one of the sons’ rooms, they noticed a strong bad smell and found that he had put his business in the microwave. He had also done it on every shelf on the minifridge.

A Large Tarantula

If you were scared of snakes, then imagine a large tarantula the size of your two arms crawling down the mosquito net once you get into bed in the hotel room. The guest was a travel blogger and his girlfriend who were visiting the Mekong Delta in Vietnam when they got a rather out of shape hotel room. He was forced to brave up and kick the large arachnid with his shoe out of the room before they could have a good night’s rest if they ever did.

A Goat Dressed Like Abraham Lincoln

A Goat Dressed Like Abraham Lincoln

This one made global news back in 2013 after one hotel employee spoke about it on social media. Some people had used a hotel room for some time and after they checked out, left the poor herbivore behind dressed like Abraham Lincoln. It is unclear how they ever managed to get the poor animal into the room in the first place but it sure was one of the most interesting news of the year.

A Baby

Cate Cook, a stock market trader was holidaying in an unnamed country when she got the welcome of a lifetime at her hotel room. She found a whole live baby on her bed. She was arrested when she took the baby to the front desk for help due to the language barrier but the situation was resolved when it was discovered that one of the cleaners had hidden her baby in the room.

Lots Of Cats

One Reddit user also complained about pets left behind by a guest and this time, it was lots of innocent cats. The guest was a lady who had checked out of the room and while going to clean, the staff found cats everywhere in the room. The mystery guest also left $100 and a note saying “Thank you for taking care of these guys. I’ll be back for them in a week.” Sadly, she didn’t come back.

Animal Carcasses Everywhere

Animal Carcasses Everywhere

This was another shocking find by a hotel front desk employee who was called by gests to deal with a bad smell on the third floor. They found dead animals including half-skinned deer, rabbits and fish all over the bathroom with bloody water. It was in the summer and a group of 60 Amish had booked the hotel and one of them was the culprit. It is not clear how they managed to bring in all those animals but it must have been really scary and awful.

A Corpse

When you book a hotel room in Mexico in the middle of a drug war, you should be ready for anything including a dead body under the bed. It happened in 2016 in Hotel El Senador in Mexico City where guests found the corpse wrapped in a plastic bag under their bed. It was later determined that it was the body of a woman who had stayed there with a man a week before the body was discovered, Multiple guests had slept on the bed above the body for the entire week without noticing.

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