Ten of the Most Common Colors and Their Meanings

Ten of the Most Common Colors and Their Meanings

Colour is the perception formed by the reflection of light on the retina of our eye in different ways. From the moment we perceive colours, we are faced with many effects. These effects differ according to the colour we are looking at and it gives us different feelings in a purely psychological sense. For some people, different colours affect their moods and for others, a single colour can mean so much more than the light reflecting back at them. Here are the most common colours and their meanings…


Blue is a colour that relaxes us. Blue symbolizes peace and contains meanings such as eternity, depth, breadth and calmness. In the treatment of many diseases, the colour of room walls is preferred to be blue. For example, the sky, seas, lakes, and oceans are blue and they relax us when we look at them.


The biggest effect of red is that it gives appetite and sexual desire. For example, many foods and beverage companies have red in their logos or advertisements. It also has meanings such as perseverance, happiness and vitality.


The colour green gives people a sense of security and peace. Green is the colour of nature and we all know very well how peaceful we are when we set out to watch nature. In addition, this colour comes to the fore with the perception of trust and is used by many banks.

Ten of the Most Common Colors and Their Meanings


Yellow contains emotions such as knowledge, skill, youth, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Yellow is one of the most striking colours, for example, it is not a coincidence that this colour was chosen for taxis. It is not recommended to use the yellow colour in working environments or in environments where the head will be rested.


Most of us know the colour black as the colour of pessimism, mourning and sadness. Along with these meanings, it also contains meanings such as authority, power and leadership.


White actually contains all the colours. Its meanings are purity, cleanliness, innocence, peace and trust. This colour is preferred in hospitals and medicine boxes and also the colour of the wedding dress means purity and cleanliness.


Pink is the colour of women and confident men. While blue clothes are preferred for the baby boy and pink clothes are preferred for the girl as you get older you do appreciate pink a lot more because with age grows confidence and knowledge. It contains emotions such as cuteness, joy, imagination and love. It is also a colour that adds vitality to people.


This colour means naturalness. It is also the colour of the earth, it gives people a sense of security and peace in the community.

Ten of the Most Common Colors and Their Meanings


Orange has anti-fatigue properties. Although it is a warm colour, it attracts attention and is heartwarming. Orange adds joy and excitement to just about any environment.


Purple carries meanings such as wealth, luxury, and nobility. It increases imagination and concentration. The feelings of people who love the colour purple are always in the foreground and they are dignified noble people. Too dark purple has bad effects. Negatively affecting the subconscious mind has connotations such as depression and depression.

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