Ten Simple Ways to Lower Your Gas Bill

Ten Simple Ways to Lower Your Gas Bill

We have already learned about ways to lower your electric bill, now it is time to show you ways in which you can save money on your gas bill. If you only read one post on this blog, this should be the one you read as this could be very important in the coming months as Europe and the UK face a potential gas supply crisis…

Roof insulation

You could say it would be very costly. However, thanks to the savings you will make with at least 10 cm of insulation on your roof, you will amortize the number of your expenses for insulation within a maximum of 2 years and then you will profit.

Exterior-Wall insulation

The sheathing process that you will have done under the supervision of an engineer will provide serious benefits. You can amortize the amount you spend for the sheathing process within a maximum of 5 years.


It is important for insulation that your windows are double glazed. It is possible to amortize the expenditure you will make for glass replacement in a maximum of 5 years. In a simple method, you should close the gaps on the door and window edges with rubber or sponge strips.

Combi Boiler

You should choose combi boilers that comply with TSE and CE standards and have after-sales service. The size of your home is important when choosing a boiler. You should prefer condensing and vented models. Our recommendation is to buy the condensing one.

Ten Simple Ways to Lower Your Gas Bill


Prefer high-level radiators for heat efficiency. Radiator valves should also be thermostatic with degree adjustment. Avoid placing items above and in front of your radiators. If possible, you can use metal plates that can reflect light and heat between the radiator and the wall. Avoid placing large items such as seats and tables, especially in front of the radiator.


A  tiny 1-degree reduction in room temperatures will save you 7%. The ideal temperature for living rooms is 22 degrees. The ideal temperature for bedrooms is 20 degrees. If you go for a 1-degree reduction as we mentioned above, you can save serious money.

Before Leaving Home

Do not turn off your boiler before leaving home. Every turn-off operation you make will cause you to consume more fuel for half an hour. For this reason, we recommend that you set your combi boiler to the lowest level before you leave the house, instead of turning it off.


If your combi is in the kitchen and there is a radiator core in the kitchen, you do not need to open that core. The heat from both the stove (while cooking) and the combi boiler will be more than enough for the kitchen.

Ten Simple Ways to Lower Your Gas Bill

Hot Water

If you need water for a short time, we recommend that you do not touch the hot water tap and use cold water. In addition, keeping your shower times short will make a serious profit.


It depends on the food you are cooking, but prefer the pressure cooker. The pot you prefer should not be smaller than the hotplate you will use. Flames protruding from the sides of the small pot are wasted fuel.

Have you tried any of these methods yourself? Have you considered changing your energy suppliers online? If you have why not let us know in the comments below!

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