Ten Simple Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Ten Simple Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

In your home and business life, whether it is LED lighting or the use of small household appliances, it may be possible to save serious money on your bills thanks to a small detail you will pay attention to or you can simply consider changing electricity supplier online. With pending blackouts caused by electricity shortages and sky-high prices, it is no wonder people are trying to find ways to save electricity and lower their bills. Here are ten simple ways in which you can do just that…

Microwave Oven

Considering that the cooking time is approximately 10 minutes and the heating time is 30 seconds, it has been proven that 66% can be saved compared to normal ovens.

Air conditioners

The air conditioner should be selected according to the size of the room. You should choose a product with a BTU value recommended by the authorized person by specifying the square meter of your room where you will buy the air conditioner. The ideal temperature for the environment in which the air conditioner is used is around 25 degrees. Each degree you increase will cause you to increase your expenses by 4%. In addition, products with a life of more than 10 years should be replaced with new ones. In this way, your earnings can reach 40%.

Vacuum cleaner

Make sure your vacuum cleaner bags are clean. You should check the bags regularly, empty them if they are full, and replace them if they are worn. This simple process will save you around 15%.


You should make sure that there is a gap of at least 5 centimetres between your machines and the wall. This interval you will leave will prevent your machines from overheating and will prevent excessive energy consumption. In addition, you should prefer morning and evening hours, which are cooler periods of the day, in order to prevent the low range of your machines due to heating, especially in summer.



The door rubbers of your refrigerators should be wiped regularly with soapy water. If you are using an old-style refrigerator, the ice thickness should not exceed 5 millimetres. Food and drink whose temperature has not decreased to room temperature should not be placed in the refrigerator. The temperature settings are; It should be around -18 degrees for freezing parts and +7 degrees for normal sections. Finally, refrigerators should not be overfilled.


You should not keep your devices such as television, satellite receiver or consoles in the stand-by position from the remote when you are not using them. You must turn it off by pressing the on-off button. This will save you between 5% and 15%. In addition, the size of the television you choose should be suitable for your room. Our advice is to choose the ones with small screens.


You should use the appropriate heat setting for your fabrics, neither less nor more. If your laundry to be ironed is slightly damp, it will provide you convenience and energy savings. If you unplug your iron 3-5 minutes before finishing the ironing process, you can continue ironing with its current temperature. Thanks to this simple process, you can spend as much as a light bulb for 1 hour.



If you prefer an air fryer instead of a stove for frying, you will save 25%.

Doors and Windows

Renewing the door edge rubbers, closing the gaps and using double glazing in your windows will prevent heat loss, so it will save 40% for those who heat with electric stoves.


If your floor is concrete, stone, marble or tile, you will need serious electricity consumption especially to heat your rooms. If you cover your rooms with a suitable material, you can save a lot on your bills as it will reduce your heating-related energy costs. Laying the carpet on the floor is the simplest method.

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