Ten Top Tips to Get Rid of Your Pimples

Ten Top Tips to Get Rid of Your Pimples

Acne is a skin problem that can occur in people of all ages. Many drugs and natural methods have been developed for the treatment of this problem, which is frequently seen especially in adolescence and young ages. Oil is at the root of this problem. Microbes that settle on the skin without air circulation cause acne formation in the areas where the pores are clogged, that is, in the area covered with oil. Today we look at ten of the best ways to get rid of them once and for all…

Skin Cleanliness

Your skin should always be clean. You should wash and clean your skin with warm water at least three times a day so as not to irritate it too much. You can choose herbal skin cleansing products with nourishing effects. Using chemical products and soaps for skin cleaning will not satisfy you in the long run, even if it has a short-term effect, we recommend that you do not use it.

Stress is the Major Factor

Stress is one of the biggest factors in acne formation. Stress, especially in adolescence and young people, can quickly turn into acne. Strive to reduce stress to a fairly low level and take care of regular sleep.

Consume Fresh Fruits

Consume Fresh Fruits

The benefits of consuming fresh fruit are endless. Reducing your acne problems is just one of them. The abundant vitamin C found in the essence of the fruit has a great effect on reducing acne and making the skin look lively and bright.

Baking Powder

Baking soda is an easily accessible and useful acne treatment tool. You can mix a tablespoon of yoghurt and a pack of baking soda and apply them to your skin as a mask. Leave the mask on your face for up to an hour and wash it off. This method will both reduce your acne and help remove the remaining acne spots on your skin.



Eggs are one of the other methods you can use to reduce acne. Crack an egg and separate the yolk and white. Apply the egg white to the acne-prone area of ​​your face and wait 5 minutes for it to dry. After it dries completely, wash your face with lukewarm water. You can apply this mask twice a day, at the beginning of the day and before going to bed at night. You will be surprised at the results.


In addition to cleaning and protecting our teeth, toothpaste is an important factor in the disappearance of acne when we apply it. Apply the toothpaste to the acne on your face before going to bed at night and see for yourself that the acne disappears when you get up in the morning. Toothpaste absorbs the watery substance in the pimple, making it dry, and the dry pimple disappears. May cause slight irritation to your skin. Wash your face with lukewarm water after application.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is found in almost every home. It is one of the best natural methods used in the treatment of acne and acne. Lemon contains plenty of antioxidants, natural fruit acids and minerals beneficial to the skin. These substances rejuvenate the dead skin cells in the skin. Apply lemon juice to the spotty area with a piece of cotton and wait for it to dry. After drying, wash your face and repeat this application twice a day.


Garlic and Cloves

We said at the beginning of our article that the liquid in acne consists of bacteria. Garlic, which acts as a natural antibiotic, is one of the main methods used in the destruction of these bacteria and in the treatment of acne. Likewise, clove is used in the treatment of skin rashes. First, mix some cloves and crushed garlic. Make sure your hands are sterile. Apply the mixture you have prepared to the acne-prone area, wait for a while after it dries, and wash your face with cold water. You will see results in 2 – 3 days.


We generally know that honey is only eaten and beneficial. However, honey makes a separate contribution to our skin and treats unwanted acne. Honey can contain a lot of antioxidants. It also has antibacterial properties. For this reason, when you apply honey to your skin, it is inevitable to get positive results.

Rose Water

Rose water, which is used in the treatment of skin wrinkles, skin blemishes and acne, is one of the natural treatment methods. Rose water cleans the applied area deeply and prevents the formation of acne. You can apply rose water to the problem areas on your skin with a cotton ball in a way that does not irritate it.

Today we have conveyed to you the frequently used natural treatment methods that will help you reduce and get rid of your acne. But if you cannot cope with your acne and don’t benefit from any of these treatments, remember that you can always consult your doctor for a more controlled treatment.

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