Ten Weird, Crazy and Interesting Facts about Our Sun

Ten Weird, Crazy and Interesting Facts about Our Sun

The ball of fire we call our “sun” lies at the heart of the solar system and is the only star in our solar system. Every single day we orbit around it never really thinking about it, or just how amazing it truly is. Today I want to try and change that as I bring you ten facts about the sun that you will find both educational and amazing…

FACT: The sun is said to contain about 99.85% of all the mass in the solar system! I have no idea what that means, but it sounds heavy!

FACT: Our Sun is classified as a G2 dwarf due to its size, heat, and chemical makeup. Apparently, it has an average surface temperature of about 5,000-6,000 Kelvin! …Who is this Kelvin guy, and how does he know how hot the sun is?!?

FACT: Based on the average life of a G2 star, the present age of our own sun is said to be about 4.6 billion years. This means we are just about halfway through its lifetime already!

Ten Weird, Crazy and Interesting Facts about Our Sun

FACT: Just how big is our sun? Well let me put it this way: Approximately 109 of our planet Earth would fit on the surface of the sun, and more than one million would fit inside it! So very, very big indeed.

FACT: Approximately every 11 years or so the sun reverses its overall magnetic polarity so that it’s north magnetic pole will suddenly become the south pole and vice versa! That sounds quite scary if you ask me.

FACT: If you weigh about 150 pounds here on Earth, you would weigh about 4,200 pounds on the sun! This is because the sun’s gravity is 28 times that of Earth! You might need some sun cream on before you go.

FACT: Indo-European, Meso-American and Egyptian cultures all had sun-worship religions. But to add to this in ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra was considered to be a member of the high gods. He achieved the highest status because he was believed to have created himself and eight other gods!

Ten Weird, Crazy and Interesting Facts about Our Sun

FACT: In Japanese history, the sun goddess “Amaterasu” played an important role in ancient mythology and was considered to be the supreme ruler of the world! Talk about Who died and made you the boss!?!

FACT: Here is a strange one for you, scientists have discovered that both male and female mummies had tattoos which symbolised sun worship! I bet it hurt like anything back then to get a tattoo done.

FACT: The Greek philosopher Aristarchus was a clever old chap, as it was he who was credited as being the first person to claim that the Earth orbited the sun! Well done Sherlock.

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