Ten Ways To Feel Better When Going Through Cancer Treatment

Ten Ways To Feel Better When Going Through Cancer Treatment

Are you or a loved one currently undergoing some sort of treatment for cancer, maybe Chemotherapy or other forms of treatment regimen? If you are then maybe you could do with making yourself feel a little better whenever you get some downtime between treatments. Here are ten ways you can do just that all of which are fun, simple things that will keep your mental health strength up without draining your physical strength…

Eat Nourishing Foods

During your treatment, it is common to feel drained of energy. This is why replenishing your nutrients and eating healthy will pay off. As food is how your body gains energy, it’s imperative to include clean options in your diet. For more information on just what nutrients you should be looking out for, speak with your oncologist or a nutrition counsellor.

Widen Circle of Supporters

Cancer treatment can create bonds out of patient to patient or caregiver to caregiver as you meet others going through similar experiences. Rather than going on about your day soon to forget the people you’ve met, try getting to know them and where they come from along with their background. There’s nothing wrong with wanting people who can relate to you around during your treatment.

Do Some Wood Sculpting

Not everyone can turn a piece of wood into something beautiful, but the point isn’t always to make a masterpiece, it is also about the textures of the wood and the distraction the building of something does to the brain. Sometimes just the act of cutting a piece of wood into smaller bits can be a welcome distraction. Just remember to stay safe and use any safety equipment you might have.

Establish Visiting Hours at Home

As your friends or family will want to be there for you, some don’t understand how fatigued one undergoing treatment can feel. Setting visiting hours allows them to show the support and care they wish to, while at the same time working around hours that you feel are manageable.

Music Therapy

When some people think of musical therapy they will be thinking of whale sounds and chiming bells, but that is not what you should be listening to. Take time to make a playlist of all your favourite songs, upbeat songs and songs that will make you want to have a little dance. But do try and avoid songs that will make you feel sad or have negative emotions and memories attached to them.

Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is already an important element for everyone’s body and mind. However, within your treatment, it may be difficult to find the deep and restful sleep you seek. Try doing restful activities before attempting to fall asleep, such as writing, listening to music, or drawing. The key here is to put your mind in a state of ease and peace before trying to sleep. Not only will it make falling asleep that much easier, but the amount of deep and meaningful sleep you have will see a rise too.

Ten Ways To Feel Better When Going Through Cancer Treatment

Mind Plan Something

If you can’t go away on holiday (or maybe you just can’t afford it) why not try planning something in your mind instead. Maybe a fantasy holiday, or what you consider to be the perfect day, or the perfect dinner date. Just sit with those thoughts for a little while and let them really sink in.

Just Stop!

Are you trying to do too much housework after a round of chemo? Are you hitting the social media too hard? If you are just consider stopping, walking away and breathing. Giving yourself a little bit of room to think will make you feel much more grounded and energised for the task/tasks ahead. It doesn’t have to be a long break and you don’t have to do anything other than stop, but do try to do this whenever you feel you need to.

Ask for Help

Sometimes the best things you can do for yourself may require another person. Learning how to ask for help may be hard for some people, but it pays off tremendously. Whether it’s around people you already know or some you’ve just met, asking for help rather than straining your efforts to complete a task will better help preserve your energy. You would be surprised at the amount of willing and welcoming people in the world that would take a second of their life to help make yours that much easier.

Be Patient with Yourself

It’s perfectly fine to not be at one hundred percent strength. You have to give your body and mind the break it needs to rebuild back to your level and possibly even past it. As some busy lifestyles may be interrupted, it’s important to take time to learn how to find comfort in your own home as you embark on your journey back to healthiness.

If you know of any other ways for taking care of yourself during chemotherapy treatments do let us know in the comments below.

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