Ten Weird, Crazy and Interesting Facts About Surfing

It is said that surfing is one of the oldest sports on earth and may go all the way back to 1778 by Captain James Cook! I’m not sure that is true myself, but what I do know is true is that surfing has a rich and vibrant history surrounded by interesting facts and stats. I have searched the web to bring you ten amazing, weird and interesting facts about surfing as well as some fun pictures of surfing animals to enjoy while you read them…

Surfing Alpaca

FACT: The biggest surfed wave ever recorded was a very scary 530 meters high in Lituya bay, southern coast of Alaska! That is more like a tsunami!

Surfing Goat

FACT: There is some very big money indeed in surfing, in fact, Kelly Slater earns about three million dollars each and every year just doing what he loves!

Surfing Dog

FACT: It is said that to become a fully experienced Short border can take up to 10 years, with over 1000 hrs needed in real practical terms.

Surfing Rat

FACT: Surfing it not just surfing! In fact, there are two main types of surfing, short boarding, and longboarding! The more the skills, the shorter the boards!

Surfing Cat

FACT: Surfing was an original part of the hunting culture of the Polynesia islands, but in terms of written evidence it was first discovered and wrote about by Captain Cook in 1778!

Surfing Seagull

FACT: The now infamous George Freeth is who brought surfing to California, now home to some of the world’s very best surfers so he has a lot of credit to his name.

Polar Bear Surfing

FACT: The University of Plymouth is the world’s first university to offer a real degree in surfing! And it takes up to 2 years to learn all there is to know.

Rabbit Surfing

FACT: The longest ever surf done on a single wave was 37 minutes in Pororoca! To be fair this is a very rare wave that only happens once a year, but the record still stands today!

Ducks Surfing

FACT: According to local legends the words first official surf contest took place at Corona Del Mar, California in 1928 and consisted of 2 people trying to stay on a wooden plank while riding the surf!

Surfing Mouse

FACT: Ever wondered how hard it is to surf under the curve of a wave? Well while under that said curve it is called “getting barrelled” because the water will only let you go in a straight line, and it is next to impossible to turn left or right. But getting into that curve is the hard part apparently.

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