Ten of The Best Exercises to Increase Self-Esteem and Self Confidence

Ten of The Best Exercises to Increase Self-Esteem and Self Confidence


Sadly for those of us who are “grey-faced” only those who openly and confidently walk through life have success and fun in life. You trust too much to feel life’s challenges grow – and to take the big and small everyday adventure actually better and more accessible than their counter-extremes: people who like themselves have little or even hate. But simple exercises enhance one’s self-image – and so happy to go through life.

A lack of confidence pesters many people. The instability of their self-esteem built them opportunities and may lead to severe problems – mental and everyday life. The doubts about their own skills prevented permanent ego-sceptics from tackling tasks, changing situations, and finding new opportunities. People with an inferior ego feeling make her light under a bushel and are overlooked, underestimated and little delivered competently. They depend on the judgment of their social contacts. To commend itself falls hard for them. From self-doubt, dominated roll them through life. In the worst cases, it even leads to depression.

The basic problem of low self-esteem people is to accept them as they are. This is precisely one of the absolute basics for power, success and life on the basis of feeling happy and satisfied with themselves. But there are some exercises that help one out of the valley of the ego-hater step by step and get out. However, they do not replace therapy with an expert. But they bring so many egos appropriately to trot toward self-awareness.

Say no

Those who suffer from low self-esteem dare, inevitably, far too rare, to say no. Driven by the desire to be recognized in spite of the bad reputation, at least self-from other people, by giving them a favour, will often say yes to the will of its own. And this obviously leads to the wrong path. Therefore, you should go to increase your self-consciousness precisely in the opposite direction and get used to saying no regularly.

The reasons are simple. Those who learn to say no learn automatically to better deal with their own needs. And with their own self-image, which at the moment in which one thinks of himself, gets a higher intrinsic value. If you no longer fast and automatically submits to the wishes of others is more respected. Of the other people – and, depending on the easier, “say no” and the more you use it in the necessary situations – even from himself.

Eye contact

Insecure people often avoid direct eye contact with people they communicate with. They do not dare to see the other in the eye, would prefer to hide, or, in the worst cases, may not even exist at all. The clearer you are, however, distanced yourself from the environment by not even looking at it, the more rejection or ignorance to harvest from it. Thus, the situation provoked by a lack of self-love into a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

So is a classic exercise to increase self-awareness, simple and straightforward: look people in the eye during conversation. Those looking for eye contact and holding it long have, on the other self-conscious and more confident – a feeling that I reflected back on myself automatically. As an exercise, starting first with friends, family and acquaintances is advisable. Slowly, the circle is then extended to strangers.

Ten of The Best Exercises to Increase Self-Esteem and Self Confidence


It’s a little expensive, but worth it for the enhancement of self-consciousness in any case: Write in a little notebook for a week several times a day what you did and how you feel. In the end, read the notes carefully. And pay attention to questions like: Did I write down the negative or positive things? What has brought me joy, what is not? What I’ve been concentrating on the most and why? How can I change the unpleasant things the best? Moments in which I felt best, why?

The patterns that we discovered with this method in ourselves and in daily life are surprising to see. They reveal their own “automatic pilot” with which we very often go unnoticed floats through his life – and demonstrate what you should work in the future the most to increase self-esteem, what’s wrong, what is good and perhaps eliminated altogether should be. Even the legendary military strategist Sun Tzu said: “Know yourself, and you will win all battles”.

Accept Mistakes

If you constantly with one’s own self-esteem, struggles find it difficult to deal properly with errors. Automatically, the ego then says: “You see that you can not!” or “Look, once again, something is not working well”. The result is a deeper plunge into the valley of worse self-doubt each time one of the harder climbs back out.

In this case, you should get into the habit of treating yourself as the best friend even when one forgives like a faux pas. And just as you should stick away from the constant self-criticism of himself. Everyone makes mistakes. Even the most famous, successful, intelligent people. But they accept it and make it more easily, rather than insult and resign themselves to give up. So, accept mistakes – and keep going! And remember that it can happen to anyone. And mistakes are helpers to us further.


As you walk through life itself, it also reflects back on you. Those who bend in order to make themselves as small as possible are certainly always relegated to a corner or even ignored – reactions that increase not just self-confidence. And the one with the correct posture not only provoked.

So it is worthwhile, in any case, the non-verbal language of the ego to go straight to work, get up, keep your head up, looking not to run down. Even if you initially do not feel it from the inside – one begins to straighten the body, the effect is propagated, false consciousness. You feel better, react differently, and feel self-confident. Simultaneously, the others react quite differently to a person who runs straight through life as a crooked back Kleinmacher.

Set Small Goals

Everyone has become of his dreams and goals, desires in life and in themselves. More lofty and utopian these are, the harder to reach them. Who are always focused on achieving this and want it always fails and feel like a failure. Often the dreams are so far away that you have resigned to them when looking at the long, arduous journey – and think again: “Are you going to get it anyway.”

A good exercise to feel at times as well as winners, and thus to increase self-awareness, lies in the simple fact of dividing the goals into small steps. Step by step, they divided so the way to the big dream can extend over every little stage in life– and they are rightly proud of themselves. A good way to include the perspective of the ego is to change quickly and easily. And the more you enjoy it.


The personal appearance is a business card. Who wears sloppy or purely pragmatic clothing acts differently than someone who is well-groomed and dressed appropriately. The more beautiful to dress, the better you feel. That does not mean you must become an absolute fashion freak. The most important thing is to be well, in good hands, and feel beautiful. So do not “wear something just because no one looks after me anyway.”

The better one presents itself in matters of dress, the higher the esteem with which the environment reacts to their own ego. And their own clothes not only led to a reaction from the outside but inside, which continued until late into his own consciousness (and unconscious). Those who want to boost their confidence should thus first clean out the closet.

Stop Negative thoughts

It is an ancient classic; it still works. You take a glass. Fill it with water up to half. For some, it’s half full; for others, half empty. So it quickly and clearly demonstrates how much our thoughts employ our ego.

Anyone who wants to increase his self-confidence should hold all the negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions regularly and consistently a big stop sign. Even the worst things have their positive sides. You can train yourself to focus on it. After some time, it is not more difficult. The habituation to focusing on the beautiful, successful things in life gives the self-confidence then automatically push.

Ten of The Best Exercises to Increase Self-Esteem and Self Confidence

Be Original

Of course, everyone has to do his idol, his role model and is fascinated by good, successful, and exciting people. Yet one should not constantly compare themselves with it. The reason for this many people’s inherent automatism is, for many, the saboteur of self-esteem. As well as himself with others, you can compare apples to oranges. Every single person starts from a different starting point his way. And everyone makes it to other circumstances.

So, instead of out from nothing to compare with others and to scratch one’s self-respect, you should clarify: “I’m learning I can I can I get better, And I possess talents….” And then focus on their own achievements rather than compare them with others because everyone is an original, not a copy.

Have fun!

Has the time come to discover some very nice things about yourself finally? Then off you on! Those who manage to increase their self-respect and with more confidence to go through life will enjoy even more. It will change the handling of the other – and how to deal with themselves.

Anyone in that situation still has the idea that he would have to be modest light under a bushel or compare it with others who are much further along, which is completely wrong. It helps enormously, even enjoying a try. And while all around. The life and his own ego. And to enjoy the feel and realize the idea: Just as it is, it is perfect enough.

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