Ten of the Worlds Most Bizarre Hotels

According to history, and canonical records, people have been accustomed to going from one place to another, and this process is called travelling. Hence, just like everyone else, they also need a temporary shelter where they can stay, rest, and put their belongings for a specific period of time. This is the purpose of an inn, hostel, or travelling lodge, better known as a hotel. The word hotel is actually derived from the French word hote which means host, and its contemporary version is in the form of townhouse or any building that provides short-term accommodation but varies according to the amenities that it can provide. In fact, in our time there are various rates which are based on the financial abilities of individuals. Anywhere you go, you are certain that you can home for a home where you can relax, and feel the same comfort because different companies that offer hotel packages at certain cost, size, and functions that they can offer to all. There are small-scale type of hotels up to luxurious or grandest hotels where one can feel the major benefits of the environment, an up-scale setting, and renowned amenities. Hence, amidst the choices, and preferences, there also peculiar ones, and odd or off-base diversity of hotels, and on this list, you are going to find out the top 10 most bizarre hotels in the world, and find out why they are unusual.

Rotel Tours

10. Rotel Tours

If you love travelling in a literal way of touring and exploring even the remote places, then take advantage this rotel or better known as the rolling hotel where you could enjoy their coach, and hotel into one comfortable unit. You may be familiar with sleeper buses, but this is different because you can tour around the whole cities and other places along with your family while enjoying their company and time. This is being offered by a German Tour Company called as Rotel Tours wherein it offers a six-foot-long bed or equivalent to 3 feet wide by 3 feet high that can accommodate specific numbers of passengers. It has been operating for about 50 years, and it has been one of the exciting hotels that foreign visitors look forward to. Yes, it’s one of the favourites of the people outside Germany who want to experience the coolest vacation, travel, and hotel in their lifetime.

Ice Hotel

9. Ice Hotel

This is not just unusual, but totally bizarre especially if you are a kind of person who does not want to stay in an ordinary hotel, but love to experience the odd things in life. You can find this Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden. It was opened to the public in 1990 and it holds the title as the largest hotel which is made pure of ice and snow. Hence, it’s being built yearly from December up to April. Of course, it possesses the same amenities that you can find in a regular or standard hotel such as beds, and chairs, but everything is built out of ice blocks and snow. Imagine that you have to endure the 23 °F or equivalent to−5 °C. There are also other Ice Hotels erected in different parts of the world, but this one is the rarest and beautiful edifice more than just a hotel description.

Tree House Hotels

8. Tree House Hotels

Everyone is familiar with the tree house, but incorporating this idea into tree house hotels is indeed interesting. There are different tree house hotels in India, and it’s one of the best places that most of the people prefer to stay at because of the eco-friendly jungle feeling which is specifically situated in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. You would literally book lodging in the trees wherein you would spend the whole night or a few days depending on your options.

Jail Hotel

7. Jail Hotel

This is also known as the first prison hotel, and it’s literally a prison which was developed into a hotel. To those who would want to cut on their cost, and find budget-friendly, yet offers complete features just like any other luxurious and even standard hotel has. This prison was actually in existence since 1800s, and has been operating as one of the jails in Switzerland until 1990s. Visitors may stay grab this one-of-a-kind accommodation especially that it allows full access to all local sights and sceneries around Lucerne, Switzerland. In fact, the original materials for each prison cell have been retained such as cell doors, and replete. Moreover, since it’s converted into a hotel, there are showers and toilets inside along within their spacious and bright rooms. You might find it creepy, but you would love experiencing being in jailed, but happy since you would have the chance to share it with other fellow hostelers.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel

6. Gamirasu Cave Hotel

It started its operation in 1999 which is located in Ayvali Village in Cappadocia, Turkey. It has 30 rooms which were all restored monastic retreat where you could find the contemporary touches of convenience, but it’s built for spiritual rest, and rejuvenation of spiritual feeling. This place has been a place of habitation of the early ancestors of it over 5 thousand years already. This is one of the favourite hotels of the couple for honeymoon getaways, and other thrilling experience that some foreign visitors want to experience. You would also feel the magical feeling once you try to tour around the area of Gamirasu, and it’s indeed famous not just because its cave set-up, but the location is near the top tourist destinations in Cappadocia in Turkey. They are also offering activities and amenities to all their guests like body care massage, Turkish cuisine course, agricultural activities, and others.

Dockside Crane Hotel

5. Dockside Crane Hotel

You may find yourself building a structure using a crane once you book accommodations at Dockside Crane Hotel in Harlingen, Netherlands. Try spending a night here wherein the idea is out of the intelligent engineering which turned to be a temporary abode and home where you could stay at. The ladders going to your room has a modern lift so you could go inside your room, and see the wonderful transformation inside. You may feel terrified when you see the heights, but once you check-in, you would surely recommend this place because of the comfort, and wonderful environment which is indeed cozy like ordinary hotels.

Drain Pipe Hotel

4. Drain Pipe Hotel

If you have experienced sleeping outside during camping, then, try visiting and booking a room at the Drain Pipe Hotel in Daspark Hotel in Austria. They have literally pipe rooms which are all stand-alone wherein you may feel like you are one of the members of teenage mutant ninja turtles. Of course, it’s very private, but it has double bed, storage space, skylight window, 220V power, double door, and decorative wall art. If you feel that you will not achieve the same level of comfort that you can find in some inns, and hotels around Austria, you are wrong, because if you are after amenities, then you are in the right spot, the only difference is, it’s for adventurous people who love to explore and experience odd things a very extraordinary way.

Osaka Capsule Inn

3. Osaka Capsule Inn

The main purpose of developing Osaka Capsule Inn is to provide affordable and cheap accommodations to travellers especially those who would want to have a place where they can stay at which is especially built during the time of recession. Who would have thought that from an economical purpose that it will become one of the tourist attractions in Japan. In fact, each room is indeed small, which is the same reason why it’s called capsule inn. It is measured 2m x 1m x 1.25m dimensions. Nonetheless, it has wireless internet, TV, bed, and other luxurious things that you can find a 5-star hotel. It has become the favorite hotel of businessmen when they have business trips, and those who love spending their night life outside, and would just stay for a night at Osaka Capsule Inn. It was actually designed by Kisho Kurokawa and it started its operation in 1979.

Hobbit Motel

2. Hobbit Motel

It is a motel built in farm which is actually near Waitomo Caves. This is actually built at Woodlyn Park wherein it has self-contained kitchens, shower toilet, furniture, decorations, and there are separate rooms along with its double bed and two set of bunks. This is not just a bizarre hotel, but it’s extremely included in weirdest ones as well, and it’s one of the prides in New Zealand. You might feel strange in the surrounding area, but it encompasses still the definition of comfort, and home.

Hotel Costa Verde

1. Hotel Costa Verde

If you feel like flying without really fastening your seatbelt and exploring the whole world, definitely, you would love the cosiness that Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica offers. It’s also known as an airplane hotel at Boeing 747 Suite which is actually made out of the 1965 Boeing 727 Aircraft. This is actually perched or positioned on the tree after it has been dismantled and transported it to its homeland. Nonetheless, it is fully furnished like wooden teak furniture, flora and fauna experience, local wood paneling as part of its interior design, small kitchen, two bedrooms, dining area, flat screen television, and air-conditioned. Of course, you have to pay for the cost depending on the room of your preference which is priced between $300 to $350.

It just goes to show that you need to be carful when booking hotels online as it could see you sleeping the night in one of these crazy places!

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