Ten of The world’s Best Wood Furniture Designers

Ten of The world's Best Wood Furniture Designers

Furniture supports various human activities such as sleeping, seating, and holding objects. It is also a means of storage and is considered a form of decorative art, reflecting local cultural and religious beliefs. Although numerous wood product design and manufacturing companies exist worldwide, some stand out due to the quality of materials and design. This article discusses the top ten wood product designers who utilise waste, saved, and second-hand materials, promoting recycling while delivering exceptional furniture.


Ranked tenth globally, Nightwood specialises in transforming a mix of domesticated wood and material into unique items such as chairs, desks, couches, credenzas, counters, and shelving. Their “reconstruction” process turns an assortment of colour and texture into finely crafted, beautiful pieces.

Sundance Catalog:

Known for reclaiming aged or waste wood, Sundance Catalog creates contemporary and stylish furniture, especially suited for bedrooms. Most components used are antiques collected from old schools and buildings, making Sundance the ninth top-grade designer in the world.


Eighth on the list, TEAM 7, backed by the Batinau Design Group Company, is a leading producer of modern, green, and safe solid wood material. Originating in Europe, they initially focused on economically sound and sustainable practices, now bringing their timeless aesthetic to America.

April Hannah:

Renowned for children’s furniture, April Hannah ranks seventh. The Tree Table collection for kids is made from FSC-certified, formaldehyde-free plywood with safe finishing, available in various colours. The furniture is scaled for 5-10-year-olds and reflects nature-inspired designs.


Founded in Germany, Schubladen is the sixth-best wood material manufacturer. Specializing in repurposing saved scarcity drawers housed in MDF or solid wood frames, each of their varied pieces tells a story and has its individuality.


Kerf, ranking fifth, aims to create simple, practical, attractive furniture from FSC-certified plywood and formaldehyde-free glue. Based in Seattle, they also offer affordable DIY cabinets that are flat-packed and ready for assembly.

Ten of The world's Best Wood Furniture Designers


Ranked fourth, Uhuru designs and builds furniture from domestic, recovered, or used materials. Their collections include pieces made from materials reclaimed from Coney Island and unique large woodcuts.

Green Swan:

Based in Chicago, Green Swan ranks third, specializing in contemporary furniture from domesticated lumber and locally sourced wood. They offer custom and off-the-shelf furniture, cabinets, countertops, and doors.

Andre Joyau:

Andre Joyau stands second, crafting modern, handcrafted furniture from sustainable materials for over twenty years. Specializing in children’s and adult furniture, their products range from home accessories to lighting.

Miles & May:

Topping the list, Miles & May, headquartered in Geneva, New York focuses on creating domestic and sustainable furniture from second-hand or scrap materials. Each piece reflects the wood it’s made from, offering over 50 unique designs.

In conclusion, each designer on this list brings a unique approach to creating modern and luxurious furniture from reclaimed and saved wood materials. If you’re looking to purchase furniture, this article will assist in choosing a designer that guarantees comfort and quality.

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