Ten of the Worlds Most Amazing and Unusual Aquariums

I am one of those people who can sit down and watch a fish tank/aquarium for hours on end. The countless hours inside Sea-Life centres looking at all the amazing sea life just swimming around and going about their daily lives. But what brings us here today is a very special breed of people who love watching fish far, far more than me. So much in fact that they have decided to incorporate aquariums in the most unusual places I ever thought I would see. There are many great aquariums for sale these days, but these lot are something else…

Aquarium Inside a Coffee Table

Coffee Table

There are some amazing coffee tables out there that I would love to own and have in my front living room.

Aquarium Inside a Bookcase


What I really like about this one is that it’s not rocket science, the maker just has a normal fish tank and they have clearly built an entire bookcase around it!

Aquarium Inside an old TV

Old TV

There is a little touch of genius in these, as it is not only cool looking but also a great use of an older TV set that has blown and no longer in use!

Aquarium Inside an old cupboard


OK, OK it is not actually inside the door. But it does give the illusion of it! And this old storage cupboard turned into an aquarium is a great idea especially when you use an old external door.

Aquariums Inside Office Desk

Office Desk

Nothing more says “CEO” than an office desk that is also a rather impressive aquarium! Although I have to say that it might well distract me from my work!

Aquarium Inside Sofa


Sofa While it is very, very impressive this sofa/aquarium might not be the most comfortable thing you have ever sat on, with its hard edges I just get that feeling.

Aquarium Inside Fireplace


What better way to cover that boring old mantelpiece than to wrap an entire aquarium around it! Not only stunning to look at, but it also creates a real illusion on depth.

Aquarium Inside Overhead bed

Overhead bed

Check out this amazing overhead bedside setup! WOW! That is just about the only thing I can say whenever I look at it!

Aquarium Inside Sink


It just doesn’t get any better than this stunning aquarium that is built inside a bathroom sink! If you think this tops the most amazing sinks, you would be very wrong indeed.

Aquarium Inside Toilet


I promise you! I really do like to look at aquariums, but this one that is built inside a toilet is going too far.

Have you seen any other amazing custom made aquariums that should have made it onto this list? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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