Ten Amazing Things You Can Do With Old Tyres

Each and every year tens of millions of rubber tyres are disposed of in the UK. Many are burned in what is called a slow smoulder burn and even more than that are sent to landfill. But I say this needs to stop! Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an Eco-warrior protest, it is just me saying we don’t need to dispose of them in those old-fashioned ways that are still causing an impact on the environment, not when you could use them to make or do one of these amazing things…

Decorative Pond From Old Tires

Make a Pond

Apart from needing a few extra things like some slate, and a pond pump this is an amazing use of old tyres!  And it makes for a rather stunning garden feature.

Ladybird Tyre Swing

Make a Swing

There are many, many images of swings made with tyres but this one put an instant smile on my face, lovable, simple and of course a fantastic use of an old tyre.

Old tyres turned into a fountain

Make a Fountain

This is not the prettiest thing you will ever make with various sized old tyres, but it is a very good one. Sadly I do bet that the skill level to replicate it is quite high, but still, it is a great use of tyres despite not being able to easily replicate it.

Old tyres recycled into a desk

Make a Desk

Not only does this look amazing but it would be perfect for a play school or kids playroom.

Old tyres recycled into cartoon characters

Make Display Characters

Sadly for us “non-art” skilled people, some art skills will definitely be required to make these amazing characters. But if you work in a nursery or playschool I couldn’t think of a better use of them, simply amazing.

Recycled tyres turned into a bench

Make a Bench

Nothing too complicated here just bury two large tractor tyres into the ground and place a thick wooden bench between the two! Well, to be honest, I am sure they’re quite a bit more to it than that, but you get a general idea. It’s not as strange as these unusual park benches, but it’s still pretty weird.

Tyre turned into a see-saw

Make a Rocker

This amazing use of an old tyre just brings a smile to the face and it is not that hard to make.

Old rubber tyres turned into snails

Make Garden Decorations

This just made me smile from the moment I saw it. What better use of an old tyre than to turn it into a garden ornament snail!

Tyres turned into loch ness monster

Make Garden Art

There are many, many different variations on this and some are even more amazing than this one! But most of them are just impossible to replicate if like me you have no art skills. But this is a whole different story, simple to make and if you throw in the blue painted pebbles into the mix,  you end up with a great talking point that can be added to any garden without much fuss at all. Deadly simple and so very beautiful to look at.

Recycled Tyre Planters

Make a Tyre Planter

It just doesn’t get any better than this and that is a fact! So beautiful, so simple and makes the environment that little bit better just for being made. Just stunning considering it is just made with old tyres that would have otherwise harmed the environment

Have you made anything from old tyres? Which of these ideas did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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