Ten Amazing Ways a Shoe Planter Can Brighten Up Your Garden

You might think the only thing you can do with a pair of tired old shoes is to throw them away. But what if I told you they would make great garden decorations? You probably wouldn’t believe me, but once you check out these ten amazing shoe planters you might change your mind and want to make one yourself…

Shoe Planter

Succulent success

For me, this kind of shoe are called “Crocks” but I get the feeling that people call them all sorts of things, whatever you call them this is a great way to keep them long after your feet have grown too big for them.

Shoe Planter

You will grow into them!

Whenever I got new shoes my mum would always say “They are too big because you will grow into them!”, well, it seems someone took that saying literally and grew an entire plant from a hole in the bottom of it, growing right through and out the top! Absolutely Amazing!

Shoe Planter

The green-fingered flip-flop

Over here in the UK we call these “Flip-Flops” because of the sound they make, well they won’t be making that sound anymore because they have now been turned into these amazing plant holders! Great idea and the best thing for them I say because I hate flip-flops!

Shoe Planter

Ladder Safety: Always wear the right shoes when using a garden ladder!

Not only a great use of old shoes but a great use of an old ladder to stack them on! Double recycling and double the pleasure it brings.

Shoe Planter

The living shoe

What you are looking at is a shoe that is wrapped in cabbage leaves and then left for the succulents to grow over! While this one does require a much higher skill set to make it does look like it has grown into this shape! Truly amazing if you ask me.

Shoe Planter

The working boots retire

What a great use of some old steel toe-capped working boots! Just some simple succulents inserted into each boot and Bob’s your uncle you have an awesome-looking Shoe planter!

Shoe Planter

Baby’s first steps in the garden

For me, this is what it is all about, some old shoes used to great effect and what better shoes to use than the ones our little ones have grown out of! So many happy memories and they are easy to turn into something beautiful for you to remember every time you see them.

Shoe Planter

The Urban Effect

I think it is the fact that these are just sat on the brick floor of a house that could be yours, mine or anyone’s  Simple, Urban and deadly beautiful, exactly the sort of thing I want to make myself.

Shoe Planter

Just about Borderline

WOW! That is just about all I can think of saying about this amazing grass/garden border made from old tennis shoes! Not only a great idea but nothing short of stunning to look at as well. (Might have to have a go at this one myself…but I might need to take up tennis first)

Shoe Planter

Wellington’s Victory

This for me is the clear winner, colourful rubber boots filled with colourful plants, it just doesn’t get any better than this and it’s a great idea to try with the kid’s old wellies.

Have you ever made one of these shoe planters? Which of these pictures did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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