Ten Amazing Things to Can Do With Vinyl Records

LP’s, EP,s 45′s these are things that today’s teenagers will never understand or know about. But I am sadly old enough to know what they are, but unlike a lot of people, I really don’t miss vinyl records! I like CD’s, I like being able to download my music and carry literally thousands of tracks on my Nexus 7, I even like today’s music! However, what are people supposed to do with all those old Val Doonican LP’s they no longer use? Well, maybe this lot will inspire them…

Clock made from vinyl record

Make a Clock

What better use of all those ancient LP’s that time has forgotten than to turn back the clock and make them popular again, by turning them into clocks! Yeah, that was a bit of a mouthful but you get the point.

Vinyl Record turned into Placemats

Use One as a Placemat

I always remember as a child that on lazy Sunday dinner times in the summer my mum would play an entire LP while we ate dinner! And so for me, the idea of using those outdated record LP’s for placemats for the dinner table seems kind of nostalgic.

Recycled LP Record Book

Make a Record Book

The idea of turning an LP that was once lovingly kept in a cover to something that is a cover is one of the best recycling ideas I have seen! It looks amazing and is sure to be not only a great talking point, but also maybe a diary for many a happy memory.

Business card holder made from vinyl record

Make a Business Card Holder

Have all your mates that used to be in that punk band you were in now moved on and all own their own business? Well, what better way to keep in touch with them than to store all their business cards in this incredible LP business card holder!

Table made from vinyl records

Make a Table

My only regret about this one is that I couldn’t find a better image of what is otherwise a simple jaw-dropping use of Records! Its probably much harder to make than it looks, but it would be worth a go.

Jewellery made from vinyl record

Make Jewellery

Yes, you really are looking at some rather cool jewellery made from all those old LP’s that no-one wants anymore. Sure it would take some skill to make them ourselves, but lucky for us that are not crafted skilled in any way you can buy them over on ETSY

Art made from vinyl record

Make Art

This incredible sphere made from old vinyl records is one of the most amazing in this list for sure, apparently, it is easy to make because when heated the Vinyl sticks to the “chicken wire” frame inside of it, and the best bit of all is that the longer it is outside in the sun the smoother it will get! Cool eh! (but yes it will eventually melt into nothing but let’s not spoil it)

Cake stand made from vinyl record

Make a Cake Stand

WOW! This is so amazing and so simple to replicate that it verges on the design of pure genius! Sure to be a great talking point at any party and incredible use of old LP’s and 45’s if ever I saw one. Well done to the maker of this because it is a good one!

Earring holder made from vinyl record

Make an Earring Holder

Simple, beautiful and if much like me you can’t be bothered to make one, we can just click on the source link and it goes to the ETSY shop that sells them! It always makes me wonder how people come up with these amazing ideas as all I ever see in an old record!

Roof Tiles

Use Them as Roof Tiles

I am telling you that in all my searching for this blog post nothing has come even close to the levels if EPIC WIN that this idea reaches. It is just right for some many reasons! Apparently, it is 100% waterproof, when it gets hot the sun will warp them into a single sheet of vinyl making it even better and no cutting is needed because all the nails that hold them onto the roof go through the middle part where the needle would go!

Which of these ideas do you like the most? Do you have an idea for making use of old Vinyl Records? Why not tell us in the comments below! 

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