Top 10 Most Hilarious but Realistic Quotes About Unemployment

Top 10 Most Hilarious but Realistic Quotes About Unemployment

Job hunting is a draining process that most people would rather avoid. Many people actually give up on hunting for jobs altogether and try their chances with the gig economy and self-employment but that is for another day. You have to type and edit your resume every day when job hunting and struggling with unemployment but sadly, most resumes just end up in the trash. If you are angry with your boss or almost giving up on your job-hunting journey, here are some hilarious but true quotes to smile at.

Hate Mondays? Try unemployment

Mondays are the worst day of the week for most people around the world because of the transition from the weekend to the working week. Waking up early in the morning to go to work is never harder than it is on a Monday which is why most employees around the world receive their warnings on Mondays. When you are unemployed, Mondays aren’t any easier because you have to still wake up early and look forward to doing nothing. Mondays are worse they are similar to Sundays and you hate them when you have to go to work.

The only thing worse than a bad job is no job

Every job has its highs and lows and, sometimes, the lows just weigh down on you and you feel like giving a half-baked resignation letter and going back home. It is hard if you really need that paycheck though. If losing your pay is not a big enough motivator to change your mind about your job, just remember that not having a job will be worse because there are more disappointments back home than the ones you have at work and those ones don’t earn you money, instead, they leave your pockets empty.

Your boss is the most underrated member of your family

It is normal to hate your boss but you don’t have an option because you need them just like you don’t have an option when it comes to your family. It is hard to look at your boss as family because they are hard on you and sometimes don’t seem to care about you except for how much work you put in. However, when you lose your job, even your own family will be a lot less friendly than your boss. Family and friends smile and enjoy being around you when you are not their burden, the moment you lose your job and become a burden, you will notice fewer smiles and some harsh looks.

You haven’t suffered enough until you have looked for jobs for a living

If you thought looking for a job can’t turn into your only job, then try being unemployed for a year. Job hunting will force you to seek extra training, work your hands sore curating resumes and cover letters and answering aptitude tests for jobs that you know you might never get. The process of applying for jobs all day every day can into a job that doesn’t pay while still draining you as your hopes get dashed one after another. That is when you get the true meaning of suffering because the process can be torturous.

Don’t look pick a job with great vacation time. Pick a career that doesn’t need escaping from

They say beggars are not choosers and let’s face it, most job seekers are beggars. However, don’t let the desperation push you into a job that you won’t be comfortable in. You still need to be motivated enough to fit into your job and that means loving what you will be doing every day. Now, while vacations are great, having to suffer all year for a few weeks of vacation is just not worth it. Make sure that you feel like you are in vacation for most of the time on your job so that you don’t have to be grumpy every day at work.

Top 10 Most Hilarious but Realistic Quotes About Unemployment

“You are telling me, I have to get experience before I get the experience!”

This one should probably be told to interviewers because many job seekers find it hard to bypass this hurdle. Many jobs, especially entry-level jobs, don’t pay that much money because companies claim that they are meant to give you experience. However, you still need experience before you can be accepted into these positions. It, therefore, becomes impossible for an unemployed person who is qualified to ever land a job because they need one for the other and they just can’t get any of the two. It is a chicken and egg situation.

If you hate your job, there is a support group called everybody and they meet at the bar

This is another quote popular online with people that had a bad week at work. A good workplace should in itself be a good enough support group but it isn’t always the case so you have to find your own support group. Never ignore the mental distress that comes with the hurdles of a workplace, you should always have a way of letting it out and if you have no support group, there is nothing wrong with taking it to a bar.

The easiest way to stay jobless is to say “the truth and nothing but the truth” on your resume

Don’t get this wrong, integrity is an important virtue in any job “except sales of course,” but the truth isn’t. There are certain aspects of yourself that you should never allow to show on your CV. Now, while you need to maintain integrity with your employer, you have to impress them more than the competition to land that job and the whole truth will never get you that job. Most CVs are curated to paint the best possible picture even of the worst aspects of your academic and professional history. The only way to atone for the white lie on your CV is to put in your best when you land the job.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

When you don’t look at your job as a job in the first place, you will enjoy it better. Your mind becomes sluggish when it remembers that a long string of tasks is awaiting you. You should therefore find something to love about your job to enjoy it. While not everything will be fun and laughter, you still need to find something to smile about at your workplace.

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one

Sometimes, after getting comfortable at your workplace, it is hard to remember what your life would look like without it. You should always look back at the days when you didn’t have a job and remember the toughest moments you had. When working, the memory of the tough days of unemployment should always motivate you to appreciate what you have. Remember, people rarely appreciate a good thing until it is taken away. Even if it isn’t the best, just remember that your job is a good thing.

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