Ozark: Top 10 Quotes from The Show You Can Live By

Ozark: Top 10 Quotes from The Show You Can Live By

“Tricky thing combining work and marriage, but a blessing when it works,” Jacob Snell said and it was like he was predicting how his own plan of work would end up. He had bet everything on his marriage with Darlene but obviously didn’t work. Marty on the other hand bet everything on Wendy and their two children and everything was alright although rocky until Marty’s crimes caught up with them. It is therefore far to say combining marriage with work only works if your spouse is your partner and not the competition. That is how delicate life is in Ozark and in general. Here are 10 similar quotes from the hit show that you can live by.

Money Is, At Its Essence, Is The Measure Of A Man’s Choices: Marty

Many remember Marty saying that money is not happiness and that it is not necessarily a source of happiness but they forget the most important summary of his first statement in the show. According to Marty, the sum of a man’s life at the end of their lives can be analyzed using their monetary value. What he meant is that while money is not everything, it is actually the only thing that matters at the end of it all. If you make poor choices in life, you are likely to die with very little to no money at all. Good choices will also be repaid with a safe financial position when you retire. It is all about choices in the end.

There Is Pain That Uses You; And There Is Pain That You Use: Darlene Snell

For most of her life, Darlene had to listen and follow Jacob and she just didn’t like his slow method of achieving their life’s purpose. She had known pain all her life, but she actually never knew how to use it for her benefit despite saying the words in the quote. She was right though, not all the pain you get in life is to be cried over. Sometimes you use your pain as the gas to drive you the extra mile just like Darlene did after Jacob died.

Just As A Pie Is Only As Good As Its Crust, A Marriage Is Only As Good As Its Trust: Sue

Sue was a great marriage counsellor but a terrible spender. The moment she managed to hustle the Byrdes out of the money for her hummer, she forgot how dangerous it was and came back for more money and that is what got her killed. Her advice on marriage was on point though. Trust is what kept the Byrdes together all that time and the lack of trust between the Snells got them both killed.

People Deserve A Second Chance. Just Like Business: Marty

Marty had some of the wisest quotes in the show so it is not strange that he also said this one. You never know when you may need a second chance from someone in this life. If Del Rio knew that, he would have treated the Snells with more respect than he did. It happened for Marty since he always knew how to buy himself second chances from his enemies including the FBI, Omar Navarro, Javier, The Snells and even the Langmores. He also gave his fair share of second chances including to his wife and it worked out well for him. You shouldn’t be too selfish with second chances in this life.

Ill Humor In The Morning Brings About A Darkened Day: Jacob Snell

Ill Humor In The Morning Brings About A Darkened Day: Jacob Snell

No one knew more dak days than Jacob Snell. He probably never had a smile in the morning considering the fact that he would wake up every morning to Darlene’s dark humour and the fear that came with that. Jacob was still a jolly guy whenever he had the chance and his advice is good for you when you wake up every day. Try to have a smile on your face in the morning and surround yourself with the positive and your day will be great.

Anything Can Be An Omen If You Look For It: Wendy

Bad omens can may or may not be there, it is always for you to choose which one becomes an omen for you. If Wendy’s life was anything to look at, then it will be easy to believe that omens can be broken if you work hard enough. You therefore not give in that easily to omens.

Most People Just Have A Flawed View Of Money: Marty

Is money really as bad or as good as people make it sound? Well, at the end of the day, how you look at the money will determine how you behave when you have and when you don’t have any. Marty was an expert when it came to handling money and he understood that most people would do anything to get money but don’t really know what to do once they have their money. He was an expert on getting control of your money and not having your money direct your moves.

When You Think You Are Gonna Die Yesterday; Today Is Sweet: Buddy

When the Byrdes first met Buddy, he promised them that he would be dead within the year, 18 months tops. He was still more alive than most of the Byrdes in spite of his many health problems. He knew how to live one day at a time and make the most out of every extra day he had. He told the story about the man who thought he would die and called relatives and friends to say goodbye only for him not to die and live some more and how he enjoyed the extra days he got because he never expected to live that long.

Nobody Wants Messy Where Their Money Is Concerned: Hellen

Hellen met the worst end of any character in the show but if decisive and effective was a person, then she would be it. She knew how to get tough tasks done and that included protecting Navarro’s money. She forgot that she was working for a monster though and after warning Marty against bringing a mess around Navarro’s money, she herself became the mess and that is why he killed her. If you ever want to invest or need people to invest in you, make sure you are not messy.

You Sentimentalize Property; You Can Kiss Profits Goodbye: Marty

You Sentimentalize Property; You Can Kiss Profits Goodbye: Marty

Funny enough, Marty never seemed to have anything she really valued apart from his family. That is probably why it was so easy for him to just pack and leave Chicago that easily. He was still right about making profits. You have to be able to lose some valuables that people are actually willing to spend on if you are to make a profit. It is good to be sentimental sometimes but of profit is what you are after, so you better be ready to let some things go.

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