Ten Pictures of Grumpy Cats You Wouldn’t Want to Touch

Cats really can be one of two things. Some cats are lovable and love to be cuddled and cwtched (Welsh for hug), but there are other cats who you really wouldn’t want to cuddle. It is these crumpy looking cats that we will be looking at today with ten of the angriest, grumpiest looking cats you will ever see. It’s all just for the smiles of course as some of these cats might be more friendly than they look, but personally, I wouldn’t want to stroke them with a 10ft barge pole…

Grumpy Cats

“Oh, HAHA it’s just so funny to blast me with the hairdryer, isn’t it!…NOT!

It has been estimated that grumpy cats’ net worth is in the hundreds of millions. But what about poor grumpy cloud here. He is not worth that much, in fact, he doesn’t even have a job! But I suppose being a super cute fluffy cloud is a full-time job in itself.

Grumpy Cats

Go ahead and call me “FUNNY LOOKING” one…more….time!

This grumpy cat’s name is Colonel Meow here is a male Himalayan–Persian crossbreed, who held the 2014 Guinness world record for longest fur on a cat. Sadly passed away now the internet will make sure his grumpy face and memory live on forever.

Grumpy Cats

“Do I look like I like stupid top 10 lists?!? You…my simple nerd, are wrong!”

Does this cat have a moustache?!? Well maybe it just looks like that, Well this grumpy cats meme is often seen with some hurtful and hate-filled message attached to it, but I think he looks quite happy! Maybe that moustache is putting me off of how grumpy he is.

Grumpy Cats

“If it means swimming this Ocean to get away from your voice then so be it!”

You are not going to see too many happy cats that are swimming, so I think when it comes to cat’s love for water this face really sums it all up. Maybe not so much grumpy, but downright aggressive! I wouldn’t be picking it out of the water anyway.

Grumpy Cats

“I was a Grumpy Cat before it was popular!…Do I get any fame?!? NO!”

Over the years, I have seen many grumpy cats’ Instagram pages, but this is one of their stars. No name behind this extremely grumpy looking cat, but he is definitely not happy about something. This is the type of cat you see dogs trying to avoid when entering the house.

Grumpy Cats

“Talk to the claws because the face ain’t listening!”

When you have a set of claws like this you can be as grumpy as you like. You never see any grumpy cats for adoption, and this is probably why. When cats get into one of those moods it is best to stay clear rather than try to make them happy again.

Grumpy Cats

Call me “pussy” again I dare you!

Now here is a very grumpy looking cat, Those low brows really do inform people to stay away from it.  But maybe it has got a lot on its mind, as cats do need a lot of thinking time. Thinking of sleeping, and eating, it is a lot for one cat to deal with!

Grumpy Cats

“You forgot the luxury kitty chunks eh?!? Well, I Forgot to use the kitty tray!

I have no idea what has been said or indeed done to this cat. but the look on its face would kill a thousand mice before the cat had even moved! This is the face of a cat that you do not bend down to stroke. In fact, you walk the other way.

Grumpy Cats

“Sure! I have big ears, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear your voice!!!

Maybe we are all wrong you know. What if it is more breed than anything else. Maybe some cats just look grumpy naturally!  This cat certainly does, but I am sure he is quite a happy animal anyway. Or maybe I am wrong and the cat soon scratched the photographer’s eyes out shortly after the photo was taken.

Grumpy Cats

Officially the original Grumpy cat. (No, really he is!)

I have no idea what this cat is doing, thinking or even how it would react if I bent down to stroke it. Those tight back ears are a sure sign that this is not a happy puss at all. But the mouth just makes it look like it will destroy whoever is taking that image.

Does your cat look grumpy at times? Do you have a picture of another grumpy cat? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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