Ten Pictures of Drunken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

Have you ever woke up with a hangover that is so bad you promise yourself never to drink again? If you have you will know exactly what these ten cats feel like. Some of them have been hitting the wine, some of them downing beers, but the one thing they all have in common is they all have hangovers. OK so this is all just for laughs and none of these cats really are drunk, nor do they need a hangover cure, but it should make most people smile as much as they did me…

It’s all about the wine!

Falling asleep in the mid-day sun is often a nasty side effect of doing too much wine tasting. Poor hangover cat here is going to be lucky to be suffering from sunburn when he wakes up. Or maybe he will wake up and just hit the wine again.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

Why do I have Go-Cat stuck to my head?

Much like the hangover cats over on Imgur, that rehydrate themselves this cat is also just trying to get some food into himself to come around. Well, this is not the best way at all, but if you have been drinking for a while it is best to try to get some food down you even if it is just to soak up the alcohol.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

Bluurghg….last night was just a blur!

It is good that hangover cat rehydrates himself, but make sure you stay awake because if you fall asleep drunk in a sink it will look really weird when someone comes into the bathroom in the morning to wash their face and hands. Poor kitty here is caught in the act,

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

“Wait a sec, that doesn’t feel like a pillow!”

I found this hangover cat over on Yahoo, and if ever there was a situation that you didn’t want to happen it is to fall asleep and wake up asleep on the back of your worst enemy! Well, that is what has happened to poor kitty cat here so he might want to come round to his senses rather quickly.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

“The last thing I remember is catching the bus home.”

If you are after the perfect hangover cat meme for an anti-drink driving campaign this is it. I have no idea how this cat got to fall asleep in a toy bus as it looks very uncomfortable. But then again cats are often seen sleeping just about anywhere.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

“I wouldn’t mind waking up like this, but I don’t even like lettuce!”

This poor cat is often the star of various hungover cat video channels. He just seems to be put in so many odd and peculiar situations that it makes me wonder what he thinks of it all. Then again it looks like it really doesn’t care even if it did have real hangover pain.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

“I don’t care what happened last night just get me a ladder!”

Given that cats can climb really well, it makes sense that cats could, in theory, wake up from a hangover just about anywhere! Up a tree like this one, or maybe on a roof-top. Let’s just hope they can all get down again afterwards.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

“Dude! Did you get the licence plate because that party was an epic crash!”

These various hangover cat gifs that feature monorail cat-like this one never fail to make me laugh. When it comes time to chillax they often know how to do it in style. Maybe it is better for cats because to me this doesn’t look very comfortable at all.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

“Sure doll, I promise I will call you later, this really meant something to me.”

It is the classic problem of waking up in a bed next to someone you don’t know. Even if you don’t sleep with them, it is still a very uncomfortable situation and one that I am grateful that I have never experienced. I suppose the fact that I don’t drink does help.

Druken Cats With Hangovers (Just for Fun)

“why are there hundreds of pictures of my private bits on the floor?!?”

It is, of course, the office party hangover. Did you really tell your co-worker that you loved them? Did you really tell your boss what you really thought of them? Well, that is the way things go. Maybe next time you will learn not to drink so much, or maybe you will have forgotten all the badness by tomorrow and will do it all again next week.

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