10 Nail Polish Facts You Need To Know

10 Nail Polish Facts You Need To Know

Nude nails are not attractive anymore, well at least not to some men and women, so some feel the need to colour their nails and the fact that we have so many colours to choose from proves just how big the nail polish industry really is. We have compiled 10 weird, crazy, shocking and mostly interesting facts that you may want to think about the next time you are having that manicure or pedicure, or you are about to buy that brand new nail polish gift set you might want to read these…

1. Nail Polish Is Refined Car Paint

Not many people know this but nail polish is in fact finely refined car paint. The chemical composition is similar it is in fact impossible to produce all-natural nail polish.

2. The First Nail Polish Was Produced in The 1920s

We have Revlon to thank for nail polish and it was actually inspired by the painting of cars. However, painting nails have been around for a much longer time with henna being widely used in the Arab world to stain nails.

3. Nail Hardeners Have No Scientific Backing

Do you know that no scientific evidence can demonstrate the benefit of nail hardeners as far as strengthening the nail is concerned? Well, that nail hardener may not be useful after all.

4. Refrigerating Nail Polish Preserves It

If you want your nail polish to serve you longer, you need to store it in the fridge. As weird as it sounds, it works. Exposing nail polish to sunlight not only dries it out but also exposes harmful substances.

5. Constant Nail Polish Use Stains Your Nails

You’ve probably noticed this especially if you don’t use a base coat. Nail polish has some compounds that tarnish your nail colour and the darker the nail polish the deeper the stain.

10 Nail Polish Facts You Need To Know

6. Nail Polish Can be Used to Repair Glass

If you have small pockmarks on your window, windshield or any other type of glass, you can use nail polish to fill the marks. However, it obviously needs to be clear nail polish and this can also work on wooden floors.

7. 2021 Saw $1.6 Billion Spent on Nail Polish

Last year, $1.6 Billion was spent on those little bottles of nail polish. This was a 32% growth from the previous year and may be largely due to nail art and the production of more colour varieties such as neon and more “digital” colours.

8. Applying Nail Polish Was Once Considered Promiscuous

Did you know that there was a time when painted nails were morally questionable? Well, it’s true. In the 1950s painting your nails colours like bright red was considered uncultured and those who used less morally questionable and all colours had to remove them before attending church.

9. Nail Polish Is Used To Identify Leaf Fossils

There’s more to nail polish than simply adding some fantastic colour to your nails. Nail polish is actually also used to identify leaf fossils in Pacific Northwest.

10. The Most Expensive Costs $250,000

Yes, there is a nail polish that costs $250,000 a bottle, and this is the Azature black diamond. In its defence, the nail polish has 267 real black diamond carats and is considered more of a jewel. Is it worth it?

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