Top 10 Interesting Facts About Freemasons

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Freemasons

Freemasonry is the oldest fraternity group in the world dating back to the Middle Ages and since its creation, the society has never fallen short of controversy as it is accused of all types of evils in the world from satanism to mass murders, assassinations and third world order conspiracy theories. On paper, Freemasons are a global fraternity with lodges in all major cities around the world whose membership and practices remain secretive. The society insists that its mission is to seek enlightenment and do acts of charity all over the world. To understand freemasonry, you have to go back to its roots when a group of masons came together to form a fraternity in the middle ages which later turned into a powerful brotherhood that joined some of the most powerful people in the world.

Freemason symbols

Many people assume that the all-seeing eye symbol is used by the Illuminati but the symbol actually belongs to the freemasons. The all-seeing-eye, also called the eye of providence symbolizes the omniscience of God over humanity although it is not the primary symbol of the masons. Their primary symbol is the square and compass which are the primary tools used by builders. The symbol has a G in the middle which may stand for God or Geometry, no one knows for sure. Some known symbols include a beehive and a hammer although every lodge may create its secret symbol that may never be made public.

Recruitment and hierarchy

There is no open recruitment policy in Freemasonry, you have to know someone who knows someone. New members are presented to a council for vetting before the lodge starts an investigation into their lives to determine whether they are fit for the fraternity. Being prominent, educated and believing in God are some of the primary requirements. The lodge then votes and if the membership is approved, the recruit is accepted into the lodge as an apprentice. There are three main hierarchies labelled apprentice, fellowcraft and masters. There are also mini hierarchies in each hierarchy with the highest being the grand master who becomes the leader of the lodge.

Joined by the high and mighty

Most founding fathers of the US were freemasons including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. In total, more than 14 US presidents identified as Masons as are some of the most powerful people in the world today including Edward the Duke of Kent the former grand master the UGLE who is also the cousin to Queen Elizabeth II. In 1828, the first third party in the US was formed named the Anti-Masonic Party aimed at curbing the power of the masons over global politics. Now, the freemasons say that the organization is open to anyone with no discrimination based on what they do or where they come from. However, the membership remains the reserve of some of the richest and most powerful people in the world from politicians to sportsmen.

Freemason Handshakes

Lots of symbols and secret languages and signs used by freemasons are not known to the public. Now, there have been rumours throughout the years that each rank in the organization has its ranks. Greetings like a lion’s paw, pass grip and fist bump for different ranks. The organization doesn’t claim to have any of these handshakes though but many experts on the matter believe they do exist.

Women in freemasonry

This is one of the most controversial topics that has caused freemasons so much condemnation. Originally, Freemasons were only masons and there is no record of women being members, as there no proof that women were banned. However, in 1723, James Anderson wrote a guidebook in which he banned women, atheists and slaves from being members of the organization. In a bid to modernize, The Order of The Eastern Star which became the first-ever women-only accredited freemasonry group. In 1908, a group of female freemasons was created away from the order and still persists today but the women’s order is not as powerful as the traditional men-only grand lodges.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Freemasons

Hitler vs Masons

Hitler killed more than six million European Jews in the Holocaust, a practice that has turned him into history’s most hated dictator. Jews were not the only victims of Hitler’s wrath though. The Fuhrer believed that Freemasons were agents of the Jews and therefore a threat to Nazism. He is believed to have killed between 80,000 and 200,000 freemasons, a practice that caused mason lodges around Europe and the rest of the world to close and most of the organization to go underground.

They predate Illuminati

Some people compare Freemasonry to the extinct secret society of the Illuminati which was started by the German scholar Adam Weishaupt in the 1770s. While some Freemasons ended up joining the organization, Freemasonry remained bigger and a lot more powerful than Illuminati. In the 1500s, the association of Masons were meeting in guilds in Scotland and parts of England. The actual origin of most modern lodges of the organization became common knowledge in the 1600s. If Freemasons are Satanists, then they are the oldest ones in the world.

Racism in Freemasonry

Just like women were banned from becoming freemasons, so were slaves and that term was very much synonymous with black people between the 14th and 18th century. It is therefore fair to say it was impossible for a black person to become a freemason in those years until 1847 when lodges changed rules in the US to accommodate black men. While there is no limitation of membership based on race in the modern Illuminati, membership largely consists of wealthy Caucasian men. There are some prominent freemasons of colour though including Sergeant Johnson Beharry. Racism is still a major concern in racism though and lodges have been accused of the vice even in recent years.

Freemason rituals

The catholic church called Freemasonry the synagogue of Satan back in the 19th century when the society was accused of performing demonic rituals in their temples. While Freemasonry is not so secret anymore, there is still a lot that remains unknown about the activities that take place in temples. There is no proof of any rituals because there is just too little information. Many churches including the Catholic church still prohibit their members from becoming members though.

They are not opposed to religion

Freemasons have been labelled as corrupt Satanists that try to sway global politics in their favour and who seek to dominate the world. The organization, however, doesn’t accept atheists as members, so it is not clear how the satanism accusation was arrived at. While freemasons say their main purpose is to seek enlightenment and help the world become a better place through charity, they also believe that religion is an important aspect of achieving a better world.

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