Ten People Who Are Famous For Being The Biggest Lottery Winners Ever

Instant cash is everybody’s wish and dream. There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t like instant cash. And this instant cash can come to you in a legal way and that is ‘lottery’. Well, lotteries carry mammoth money which really fills your mouth with utmost water. Yes, the idea of the biggest money in hands simply sends a chill through the body. With this amount of money, you can buy bigger mansions, purchase state of the art appliances, gadgets, sports cars and anything costly. Let’s check the top 10 biggest lottery winners in this article.

Mega Million $336 Million

For this mega million lottery prized at $336 million, there were two winners – Jimmy Groves of New York City and Kevyn Ogawa of San Gabriel in California. Both these winners shared the prize together and turned the happiest men with mammoth money in their pockets. This lottery was won in August 2009.

Powerball $336.4 Million

Powerball $336.4 Million

This lottery was fetched in February 2012 by Louise White from Newport. The lady, who won this lottery, instantly put the lottery ticket into a safety deposit box after she learnt that she had won the lottery. She then consulted with her lawyers and then went on to set up a trust fund called Rainbow Sherbet Trust.

Powerball $337 Million

Powerball $337 Million

In August 2012, an engineer from Michigan named Donald Lawson won this lottery in August 2012. Immediately after he learnt about his winning the lottery, he told all his family members to retire. He also made plans to visit the entire world. Besides he set up a college fund for the little children.

Powerball $340 Million

Powerball $340 Million

The jackpot prize of $340 million made rich to the people who combined won this lottery in October 2005. The people who won this lottery included Robert and Frances Chaney (from Jacksonville)and Steve and Carolyn West (Medford). West instantly went for spending life king-size by purchasing a lavish mansion of 6400 square feet.

The Big Game $363 Million

Prior to the lottery called ‘Mega Million’, there was a jackpot called The Big Game and under this prize, the biggest one was endowed in May 2000. The jackpot was $363 million. Two people won it and shared the amount together namely Nancy Ross of Shelby Township in Michigan and Joe and Sue Kainz of Tower Lakes in Illinois won half-half amount.

Powerball $365 Million

This biggest prize money was simply awesome and was won by eight co-workers together in Nebraska in February 2006. They worked together at a meat packing plant. Three of them were immigrants and the rest were really shocked that they went straight to their job despite becoming millionaires.

Mega Millions $380 Million

This giant lottery was won by two tickets – one was bought by a couple Jim and Carolyn McCullr (Washington) and the other was by Holly Lahti (Idaho). The lottery was announced in January 2011. Both turned out to be simply happiest and could not believe that they have become millionaires.

Ten People Who Are Famous For Being The Biggest Lottery Winners Ever

Mega Millions $400 Million

This lottery was won in March 2007. In this jackpot, there were two winners – a couple Harold and Elaine Messner (New Jersey) and a truck driver named Eddie Nabors (Dalton). Nabors planned to secure his family by paying off his house mortgages and then buying a home for his daughter who lived in a mobile house.

Powerball 587.5 Million

This $587.5 million dollars lottery was also won by two numbers bought by a Hill family in Dearborn and another from Arizona.

Mega Millions $656 Million

This prize was called the biggest lottery amount ever offered in the U.S. and this lottery was won by three numbers and which means each number won $218.6 million. One was from Kansas, the other was from Maryland and the third one was from Illinois.

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