Ten Weird, Crazy and Interesting Facts About Fruit

Have you ever wondered what makes fruits taste the way they do? Have you ever wondered if there are any fascinating facts about fruit? Well, wonder no more because I have put together ten of the weirdest, craziest and most interesting facts about fruits you will find online. To accompany those facts we also take a look at ten Photoshopped images of animals made of fruit because they are all great examples of digital art…

Banana and a Trout Digital Art

FACT: Did you know if you rub a banana peel (inside bit) on a scrape or burn it will help the pain go away within a short space of time and keep the swelling down! Strangely they can also prevent wounds from becoming infected as well.

Apple and Goldfish Digital Art

FACT: Apples might well be a very tasty fruit, but the plants origins and species are in fact from the rose family. Flower apples!

Frog and Strawberry Digital Art

FACT: The humble Strawberry is rammed full of flavonoids which are why the strawberry is red, but they are also well-known to help reduce cholesterol from clogging up the heart’s arteries! Superfruit indeed.

Tomato and Horse Digital Art

FACT: Do you suffer from spots? Well, it turns out a tomato’s acidity is powerful enough to clear up pimples and blemishes. Just rub some juice all over your face and you will notice a considerable reduction in as little as 2 weeks! Who needs creams and lotions when you have tomatoes!?

Strawberry and owl Digital Art

FACT: Not all strawberries are red, in fact, some can be white or yellow! And strangely depending on the colour, some even taste like pineapples! Weird indeed.

Mixed Fruits and Vegetables and owl Digital Art

FACT: Vegetables that have a darker green colour to them can hold almost twice as much vitamin C in them than light green coloured vegetables! So when choosing, go for the darker looking ones.

Orange Peel and Frog Digital Art

FACT: Not all oranges are orange in colour! Some are red, yellow-green and even white! While those other coloured oranges are part of the same family of plants they all taste very differently indeed, some of the yellow ones are known to taste much like apples!

Aubergine and Penguin Digital Art

FACT: Aubergines are often called eggplants, but strangely while I might have been used to calling them aubergines, the true name is eggplants in all parts of the world except Europe!

Melon and Turtle Digital Art

FACT: Here is a strange fact for you all. The British watermelon looks and tastes like an ordinary watermelon, but the juice from our British watermelons seems to glow under water! It doesn’t, but the neon colour of it in water gives it that effect in direct sunlight.

Pineapple, Banana and owl Digital Art

FACT: The pineapple is not actually a fruit, but rather it is a collection of up to 200 fruitlets all fused together! So not one fruit, but lots of them!

Do you know any more facts about fruit? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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