Ten Christmas Slot Games to Enjoy Playing Over The Festive Holiday

Looking for some festive fun over the Christmas period? Why not check out these ten slot games that are not only winter and holiday-themed making them perfect for this festive time of year, but they are also great fun to play no matter what time of the year you have a spin on them. If you are looking for some Crimbo slots to play this is the list for you…

Deck the Halls - Slot Game

Deck the Halls – Slot Game

Deck the Halls has it all. Turkey, decorations, pine cones and a large splashing of festive fun that will keep you playing all night long.

Christmas Eve - Slot Game

Christmas Eve – Slot Game

Christmas Eve might not be the best looking game, but it’s got loads of Crimbo fun that will keep you spinning until boxing day comes around.

Ghosts of Christmas - Slot Game

Ghosts of Christmas – Slot Game

With some great caricatures of this classic story, Ghosts of Christmas is a tongue in cheek look at this Charles Dickens story that I think even he would have liked.

Happy Holidays - Slot Game

Happy Holidays – Slot Game

While ‘Happy Holidays’ is more for players in the US, here in the UK we will appreciate the great bonus games and festive foods splattered all through this game like lights on a Christmas tree.

Holiday Season - Slot Game

Holiday Season – Slot Game

This is pretty much the same as ‘Happy Holidays’ but it brings a touch of class and sophistication to the proceedings. Perfect for those who buy big gifts for everyone.

Jingle Bells - Slot Game

Jingle Bells – Slot Game

Excuse the pun, but what I love most about Jingle Bells is the lack of bells and whistles. It’s just a straight 5-way slot game that keeps things simple during this busy period.

Secrets Of Christmas - Slot Game

Secrets Of Christmas – Slot Game

Secrets Of Christmas is very much like ‘Reel Kings’ and turns those large wild lines into Santas and that can lead to some very big crimbo combos.

Santa's Super Slot - Slot Game

Santa’s Super Slot – Slot Game

With fun characters and a bigger dose of Christmas than the family-sized turkey you will be eating, this slot is a gift to the eye that you will love unwrapping with each spin.

Festive Fortunes - Slot Game

Festive Fortunes – Slot Game

If you like your Christmas with a lot of festive fun this is the slot game for you. It’s done in a festive window theme and it looks fantastic for it.

Santa's Wild Ride - Slot Game

Santa’s Wild Ride – Slot Game

Are you the type who loves to gorge over this festive period? Then this slot game is the one for you with 243 ways to win on each and every spin! Now that is one gift you don’t have to spend a fortune on.

Do you know of any other festive-themed slot games? If you do why not tell us about them in the comments below.


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