Ten Reasons Playing Bingo Online Is Better Than Real Life

Ten Reasons Playing Bingo Online Is Better Than Real Life

Being raised by a bingo playing family the numbered balls are in my blood. From playing bingo on holiday to playing it in pubs and clubs up and down the country, it is part of who I am. But the other day I came to a shocking, but nevertheless stark realisation that playing bingo online is far better than playing it in real life! Before I have countless bingo fans chucking their dabber pens at me I think I had better explain that thought process…

Covid Safe

Let’s start with an easy one and what most people would probably call the most obvious. Yes, playing online is 100% covid safe. You don’t have to wear a mask, you don’t have to sanitize your hands. But yet to can still be sociable and make new friends on the chat rooms and gamer forums online.

It’s Cheaper (Per Game)

Try finding a real-world bingo game with a big jackpot for just pennies in the real world! Bingo halls and houses have costs and staffing fees, online bingo sites have almost none of those costs and you can fin much larger amounts, which brings me nicely onto the next point…

The Prizes are Bigger

Most games of bingo you will play in real life have much smaller prizes than their online counterparts and a lot of this is down to there being more players. But regardless of why the prizes are much bigger with huge progressive jackpots also being up for grabs for one lucky person.

Play Anytime

There was once a time the only way you could play bingo is to play it when a game was being hosted at the various bingo halls up and down the land. But when it comes to online bingo you can always find a game, you can always play for free as well which no bingo house in the world offers.

Ten Reasons Playing Bingo Online Is Better Than Real Life

It’s Much Cheaper (Overall)

Yes, I have already talked about how much cheaper the games are (per bingo card), but in real life, you will of course not just play bingo. Many bingo halls offer food, drinks, some require a membership fee, others require you to get a bus or a taxi to the destination, online bingo is simply cheaper overall because you can play it at home, in your pyjamas and with your own food and drinks!

More Choice

Something real bingo halls can’t offer is the range of choice you get with online bingo sites. There are themed games, small games, free games and some that are worldwide games with massive jackpots. The range of choice you get online will always win here, plus there are literally thousands of bingo sites you can join.

Payment Options

Again, this is all down to choice and when it comes to adding money to your online wallet or taking it out the range of options you have are almost countless with some sites offering cash transfers and some are now even accepting Bitcoin as a payment option!

The Community

A huge part of the enjoyment of real-world bingo is the social element. Meeting friends and socialising means I have met some amazing people over my years of playing bingo. But when it comes to online bingo there are millions of players on some sites and that means even more opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

Ten Reasons Playing Bingo Online Is Better Than Real Life

Easier To Play

Any bingo player who plays often enough in bingo halls will tell you the horror of missing a number being called, or the bingo card dabber running out of ink. With online bingo the pace is much easier to follow with many games offering auto-fill on the bingo cards, meaning you can sit back and watch the wins come in.

Its Fairer

Playing bingo in real life often means you need a certain skill level to be able to play multiple games at once, so the more seasoned bingo players with more cards would win twice as much. Playing online with options like Auto-Fill means even bingo amateurs can play multiple cards in a single game making it much fairer to new and old players.

Do you have any fond memories of playing real-world bingo? If you do why not tell us about it in the comments below.

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