Ten Things To Consider Before Buying A Dartboard

Ten Things To Consider Before Buying A Dartboard

Dartboards transform your home parties and family game time into fun-full events that everyone can enjoy. It is also a must-buy addition when you are setting up a social business remise such as a pub where many people can have lots of fun in a small space. There are lots of options to choose from but the most common options are electronic, magnetic and bristle dartboards all of which are great as long as you choose the right one.

The brand is an important consideration when getting a dartboard but sometimes the best brand doesn’t guarantee you a great dartboard. You have to examine the quality and depth of the scoring area material and also get the right darts for your board. This is a guide into the 10 major considerations to make before paying for a dartboard.


A dartboard is one of those things you don’t budget for every day, so the longer the one you buy lasts, the better for you. The lifespan of a dartboard largely depends on maintenance and how frequently you use it but the quality of material used is the key determinant. For electronic dartboards, you can detect the poor quality of the board looks flimsy at first touch. The thermoplastic has to be strong enough to withstand multiple shots of the dart without giving in.

You can also strengthen it on the wall to extend its lifespan. However, if you hear of reports of darts coming off with pieces of plastic in the scoring area, keep off that dartboard because it won’t last. For bristle dartboards, durability is rarely an issue but you should also look for well packed high-quality sisal. The surface should be able to withstand multiple strikes at the same spot without pieces of the board coming off. High-quality sisal heals quickly and you can notice that by just throwing darts gently at the board.

The Darts

The truth of the matter is that most darts that come with dartboards are flimsy and they won’t take you through many games. If you need darts that will last as long as the board and give you the best experience with each throw, you will have to buy your own set independently. You should stick to the type of darts prescribed for the board though because using steel tips on soft-tip dartboards will ruin the wiring and destroy your board. So, don’t be fooled into paying more money for a board because it has extra dart tips because they will probably not last that long anyway. Only magnetic boards come with tips that will work for you with the board you buy.

Ten Things To Consider Before Buying A Dartboard

The Catch Ring

When buying a dartboard, many people make the mistake of only focusing on the scoring area but the size of the circle around the scoring area is very important if your board will be used by kids and novices. The catch ring and by extension, the cabinet if you have it catch the wild shots and prevent them from ruining your walls. A large catch ring in electronic boards is also important as it catches wild shots that would hit the screen or the buttons damaging your board. It may not sound like a big thing but you have to consider it when you look at the amount of damage that stray throws can cause.

The Wiring

The wiring/webbing is a major issue especially in electronic dartboards because it causes bounce-outs and that can be discouraging. However, the quality of the wiring also determines the durability, so the stronger the better. The best wiring is therefore the bladed type where the wire is triangular and therefore out of your way when you play. You should also look for steel wiring especially in bristle boards whenever possible as it guarantees durability. You should also go for staple-free bullseye dartboards because they have fewer bounce-outs.


This is the feature that ultimately determines the usability of your dartboard when you are going for a bristle or electronic dartboard. The best way to determine depth is by listening to the sound produced by your darts when they strike the board. The deepest dartboards hardly have a sound and they suck in the darts at the same angle it strikes the board without allowing it to bend. If your darts bend when they strike the board, then you should be worried because that board will fall apart after a few games. Square-holed electronic dartboards are also a better option than their circular counterparts because they have better retention for darts.



Mounting a dartboard is easy if you already have your own board or cabinet for mounting into. The board should come with a Wall-locking system that holds the dartboard up on the wall and it should be strong enough to keep it steady when you play. Your board should also come with an instruction manual for mounting to make the job easier for you. Three-wheel locking is the preferred mounting mechanism for the sturdiest boards but whichever your manufacturer brings with the board, you have to ensure that it will keep it in place. Having a board collapse in the middle of a game can be very embarrassing.


Hitting the bullseye requires good focus and that can be an issue if you can’t see the bullseye in the first place because of the glare. So, you need to look for a dartboard whose colours appear faded so that it won’t distract you while making your throw. The ink should also be deeply treated into the fabric of the board so it doesn’t fade after a few years of throwing. Some electronic dartboards come with a brightly illuminated scoring area and if you choose to go for those, it is best to choose one with gentle colours with no glare.

The Size Of Your Gaming Room

While you don’t have to adhere to professional standards in your own gaming room, adhering to standards will help you enjoy your game more. You don’t need lots of room to play darts but you have to position the board and the throw line at appropriate distances. Your throw line needs to be exactly 7ft 91/4 inches from your board. You can reduce that for children according to your preferences. The bull’s eye also needs to be 5ft8inches from the ground for the best visuals for throwers. Any standard room or basement in your house should be able to meet these requirements.

Check For Score Board Quality And Responsiveness

Check For Score Board Quality And Responsiveness

Electronic dartboards come with hyped qualities such as throw prompts and heckle features for players but these are not the basics. Electronic dartboards are only good if the scoreboard is working which is you have to ensure that yours is working. It should also be easy to set and reset for the various games you are playing and not glitch mid-game or when you switch. That is why a high-quality brand is important when you buy an electronic dartboard.

Sturdiness In Magnetic Boards

Most Magnetic dartboards can be folded which is great because you can carry them wherever you go. However, trouble starts when you unfold it to play and the whole thing is creased and bent and nothing like what you saw in the photos. You should look for ones that have metal bars inside to keep the board straightened. You also have to ensure that the magnetic bars inside the board are working properly so that they catch your darts at the right spot when you throw them.

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