Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying A Play Tent For Your Children

Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying A Play Tent For Your Children

Do you know that exciting feeling you have when you finally get your own house? Well, that and even better is how happy your child feels when you get them a play tent. It looks like a simple thing that will only eat up room in your house but once you get it and stock it up will all the toys your little ones love, you will realize that you have actually created more room in your house. Play tents come in different colours, sizes and materials, which may make it hard for you to choose the right one for your house. This guide dives into the 10 key things that will help you get a play tent suitable for your house.


Kids always have more fun when they are allowed their own private space to play from and the bigger the tent, the more fun they can have. When buying the tent, make it big enough so that, whenever possible, you can also fit in and play with your children. When your child has friends over, it would also be great to have enough space in the tent to accommodate them because playdates will be useless if everyone doesn’t fit in the teepee tent. The tent should also be big enough to accommodate your child’s toys and a couple of pillows and other items they may need because you will realize that they like spending a lot of time in there.

Your Child’s Age, Height And Preferences

Nothing sucks more than buying a tent too tight for the kids or one that topples over once they try crawling through it. This comes down to you because no one knows your child better. You have to consider their preferences in terms of colour and playmates. If your child likes spending lots of time alone, then a closed-off private tent may be the best for you. However, if they enjoy your company as well as that of their friends when playing, then you should consider getting them more room. If your child is playful and likes throwing things around and making a mess, then you also have to get tougher material for the tent floor and make it more stable so that things don’t crumble every time the fun gets underway.

Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying A Play Tent For Your Children

Folding And Storage

You could actually create a really good play tent if you are a DIYer yourself but it probably won’t be as compact and easy to fold as the industry manufactured versions. So, when you decide to spend on one, you should get one that can be easily folded so that it goes with your child wherever they want to play from. The tent should be easy to wrap up after playtime so that you can have the space in your house back. You should also have a manual for setting up.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Once your tent becomes the playhouse, you can expect a mess in there meaning you have to unpack and clean it frequently. You may not have to wash the whole tent but you will have to brush the carpet regularly. Canvas tents are easy to wash with a wet cloth and soap but they are not breathable. Polyester is always the best material because you can simply machine wash it and it is also comfortable to stay under for a long time.

Shape And Stability

Teepee tents which and conical in shape are the most common in the market but they are delicate, especially if they stand on three poles, so if you are dealing with a super-playful group, they may not stay standing for long. The Rectangular and circular versions with a wider base are more stable because they won’t topple as easily. You need to ensure that the frame is strong enough to withstand some level of abuse because kids may play for long and you can’t really monitor what is happening inside the tent all the time.

Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying A Play Tent For Your Children

Door And Windows

Doors and windows sound like the easiest part but they also matter a lot because they determine how comfortably you and the kids can enter the tent and also their safety. The door should be easy to open and keep open especially by folding upwards. Larger doors and windows, especially in canvas tents are also essential in ensuring that the tent is properly ventilated. Side windows should also offer a great view for peeping to bring them more fun especially when playing hide and seek. The windows or roof should also offer you a good view inside the tent so you can supervise play without interfering whenever you need to.


Bamboo frame tents are popular in the market now although their safety ratings are poor because when something collapses, someone is gonna get hurt. When the tent unfolds, you have to ensure that there are no pointy parts inside that may hurt your baby. There shouldn’t be any heavy frames on the roof either so that no injuries happen if things fall. You also have to ensure that if it is toddlers that are playing in the tent, the floor padding and the tent wall doesn’t have any choke hazards.

Material Used

The material used to make your tent will determine whether or not your tent can be used outdoors and also how long it will last. Most teepee tents will either be made of canvas or polyester but for it to be effective outdoors, it has to be breathable enough and also be properly ventilated. You should also look for durable and flexible floor padding that won’t break when kids jump on it. The other concern is the ability of the material to withstand abuse so that simple scratches don’t ruin your tent. You should also get then a thick soft rug to cover the floor so that they don’t hurt themselves when they jump and play.

Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying A Play Tent For Your Children


When you invest in a teepee tent, your child has to love it and spend time in it for it to be worth the money which means you have to make it as comfortable for them as possible. The most important part is space that gives them enough room to play, roll around and do whatever they like. The floor should also be cosy and comfortable. The vital part is the ventilation though. You should be able to open the windows and doors and also have proper aeration so that being in the tent doesn’t feel like being in a small prison for them.


A play tent is also your child’s second room so they should be able to read and play in there comfortably. Tents that come with lights are a lifesaver but if they don’t, you can get your own string lights and put them in there to make it more fun and enticing. Whether you are using it indoors or outdoors, lighting inside the tent should be as comfortable as possible. Fun lights such as star lights make play inside the tent fun. When being used during the day, the tent should also allow enough natural light to come in.

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