Ten Animals in Drains Who Probably Live There!

If you thought it was only Pennywise the clown who lived in the drains you would be very wrong because he is often joined by loads of different animals! Some of these animals really do live in drains, some are simply stuck in them and others are just looking for somewhere to hide, but they all make for cute pictures or interesting stories. Join me as we take a look at ten animals in drains that is not as boring as it might sound…

Raccoon in a Drain


Apparently in Michigan, USA it is quite common for Raccoons to live in drains and drainage pipes, Sadly this poor guy got his head stuck, but as you can read all about in the link he was fine once he was freed. But he is also the first sign that drain-dwelling creatures might not be all that they are made out to be!

Rabbit in a Drain


Seen right here in the UK these simply amazing images that were captured by someone on their way to work! Poor little drain bunny.

Stoat in a Drain


It doesn’t get much stranger than this awesome image of a stoat (a sort of weasel) that lives in a drain! For some reason, I get the feeling that this blog page is turning into “Wind in the Willows” rather than scary drain creatures!

Barn Owl in a Drain

Barn Owls

I swear that this is a real image and has not been Photoshopped in any way, what you really are looking at is a whole family of Barn Owls that do in fact live in a drain! Maybe they ate my Goldfish!

Cat in a Drain


It is not looking good for my fish! What you see above is in Spain and apparently, they have several hundred thousand homeless cats wandering around in their sewer! But with the kindness of strangers and strange cat people, 99.9% of them get to eat at least once a day.

Raccoon in a Drain


I know I had a Raccoon already on this list, but this amazing image of an entire family of them sticking their little heads out of the gutter just had to be included. Bless em! I wonder if they know what happened to my goldfish!

Yellow Bellied Marmot in a Drain

Yellow-Bellied Marmot

Before anyone starts shouting “RAT” read the story in the link because this, in reality, is Marmot and is in fact lost but had been living in the drains for quite a while before anyone realised it wasn’t, in fact, a rat.

Cow in a Drain


This is, in fact, one of two cows which fled an abattoir in northern France. It was found ‘hiding’ in a drain, was rescued and you will be happy to hear given a chance to live out the rest of its life in a field. Sure it was hiding in a drain but it does have a happy ending!

Dog in a Drain


While it might seem like he is stuck, he is, in fact, standing inside a much larger drainage system. Seen in Paris France apparently, several wild dogs will roam the streets and sewer pipes and networks looking for food.

Chipmunk in a Drain


There are apparently hundreds of thousands of chipmunks that live in drains and sewers of their native countries and they have even been known to become friends with the much larger rat population! So while I didn’t find my Goldfish at least he is not alone and might even make a friend or two.

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