Top Ten Amazing Facts about Christmas That You Never Knew

Top Ten Amazing Facts about Christmas That You Never Knew

As December starts, everyone talks about only two events; one is New Year and the second one is Christmas. The latter one is the event that is much awaited and the Christians wait the whole year for the special day. There are many facts about this day that everyone knows, but I am going to write the top ten amazing facts about Christmas that you never knew. Have a look at these and if you already know them maybe you should tell others because most people don’t know these…

10. Green Santa

Santa Clause is the favourite thing of the night, as it comes with hundreds of gifts and distributes among the people. He distributes gifts among people everyone knows, but it is a fact that only someone knows is that it was originally green colour. But later on, for advertisement, Coca-Cola changed his colour.

9. White Christmas

Not only you, but everyone loves to listen to the Christmas songs during day, night, in shops, in the office on social media etc. The song “White Christmas” was released in 1942 by Bing Crosby is the most favourite and selling song related to this event. Not only this, it is the best-selling single song till now.

8. Santa’s Wealth

Sometimes a question arises in our mind that how much rich he is, as he distributed the gifts among so many people. We can guess that he may have £50 billion or a maximum of around £500 billion. According to Forbes, Santa is the wealthiest and richest fictional character and has an infinite wealth.


7. Dogs

Dogs are the most loved animals and the most favourite pets for animals. It is claimed that man can be left out for a present but out of 10, every 7 dogs will receive a Christmas gift every year. I am sure that it is also one of the top ten amazing facts about Christmas that you never knew.

6. Busy Santa

The most interesting information about Xmas is that when we count the amount of work done by Santa, then it is revealed that in just one second, he has to visit 1300 homes. So, we can say that he is the busiest character of the world and it is another point among the top ten amazing facts about Christmas that you never knew.

5. Will Ferrell

Elf is a very famous movie and is one of the most loved movies that were filmed about the most interesting event of the year. No doubt, Will Ferrell acted amazingly in the movie but you can guess his dedication for the movie that he consumed a lot of sugar because of which he fell ill. So, he had to take migraines.

4. Carol Singing Record

Carol singing is very famous around the world. You may have not personally sung a carol song yourself, but it’s sure that you will have listened to them at certain times. In December 2014, the largest group of carol singers (25,272) who were all part of the Godswill Akpabio unity choir (Nigeria) broke the record for the largest group of carol singers at the Uyo Township Stadium, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Statue of Liberty

3. Statue of Liberty

Everyone knows the statue of liberty is in USA and is a sign of freedom and unity. But only a few people know that it is a gift of solitude from France to US. But the amazing fact that should be discussed is that it is a Christmas gift that was given to USA by France.

2. The Grinch

Elf, for sure is the most rememberable movie that is made on X’mas, but The Grinch is on the top of the list of the films made on the event. It is based on a book written by Dr Seuss but the most notable thing is the colour of the Grinch. Originally, it was made in black and white but later on, on the permission of the Dr Seuss its colour was varied to green.

1. Jesus’ Birthday

The Christians celebrate the event on 25th December and believe that it was the day when Jesus Christ was born. But on top of the amazing facts about Christmas that you never knew is that there are many theories that say that it is wrong and that Jesus was born during spring!

Do you know of any other amazing festive facts? If you do why not let us know in the comments below.

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