Ten Smart Quotes About Gambling That You Should Never Forget

You ask any random person about gambling, they will have something smart to tell you about it because gambling is a habit that is deeply embedded in our culture. One thing you have to remember is how to be responsible wherever gambling is concerned. You can actually advise yourself better than any third party when it comes to placing your bets and as long as you have a strategy that is working for you, you don’t need someone telling your what to do. It is still wise to take some advice even if you are the best in the world and these 10 quotes are some of the wisest pieces you will ever hear about gambling.

Money Won Is Twice As Sweet As Money Earned

This quote is actually from the movie The Color of Money and it is the perfect answer for why people bet in the first place. It is not necessarily because they want to make money because they have already earned their money and they have it in their pocket. They are just looking for a different colour of money. Nothing beats the joy of winning when gambling even if the win is small. Now, if you love your money so much, don’t use it and gamble. You have to be willing to risk that money for another type of money.

Try To Decide How Good Your Hand Is At Every Moment. Nothing Else Matters

Doyle Brunson won the World Series of Poker main events in 1976 and 1977 and therefore a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. No one can give you better advice on how to win poker than this guy and this quote happens to be one of his best pieces of advice of all time. You just have to forget about the rest of the world and all your problems and make your wins one hand at a time.

The House Doesn’t Beat The Player. It Just Gives Him The Opportunity To Beat Himself

Nicholas Dandalos was also known as Nick the Greek because he was from Greece and a famous high roller until his death in 1966. He was known as one of those guys that never had regrets when they lost big and therefore one of the greatest gamblers of all time. Everyone will tell you that the house always wins which is true, but the house would never win if you weren’t willing to lose. You should therefore focus less on how much the house is winning and focus more on winning for yourself.

Gambling Is A Principle Inherent To Human Nature

This is a quote by the Irish economist and philosopher Edmund Burke. He was giving his opinion on why human beings risk their resources on some of the riskiest ventures in the world and don’t seem to act rationally around gambling. It turns out that human beings are natural gamblers and we risk our lives and resources every day on bets that we are not certain of winning.

Ten Smart Quotes About Gambling That You Should Never Forget

Nobody Has Ever Bet Enough On The Winning Horse

No one knows the first person that said these words but they are one of the wisest quotes you could tell a gambler who regrets not putting more money on the winning bet. You will always wish that you had put more money on the winning bet and if you think about it too much, you may end up becoming too hopeful and losing more money. You should just appreciate your wins however small they seem.

At Gambling, The Deadly Sin Is To Mistake Bad Play For Bad Luck

If you have watched the James Bond movie Casino Royale, then you have probably heard this quote. It is a little bit witty but true because bad luck is not the cause of all losses when gambling. Blaming losses on bad luck gives people this illusion that lady luck may change their odds on the next bet and that leads you onto a losing spree you might never recover from. You have to judge each loss individually and correct your strategy and not assume that luck has everything to do with it.

The Only Way To Win Money Out Of A Casino Is To Own One

This quote was actually made by the former US president Thomas Jefferson whose account books were discovered to have included wagers he made for over two decades. The founding father was only reiterating the quote “the house always wins,” and so the only way to be on the winning side in gambling is to become the house. You always have to remember that the house always has an upper hand.

There Is A Very Easy Way To Return From A Casino With A Small Fortune: Go There With A Large One

This is a quote by Jack Yelton who also said that gambling is the surest way to get something from nothing. He was a wise guy whenever gambling matters were concerned and, in this case, although disheartening for most gamblers, he was saying the truth. Whatever money you take with you to a casino, just rest assured that you will come back with less if you come with any at all. It is another emphasis as to why you should only bet what you can afford to lose.

Ten Smart Quotes About Gambling That You Should Never Forget

If There Weren’t Luck Involved, I would Win Every Time

This is a quote by Phil Hellmuth, one of the best poker players in the world and the role model that many poker players love to hear from. He doesn’t always win of course and that is the fate of any gambler, you must lose at some point. His quote actually means that even the best players in the world need some luck on their side because a win is never assured.

The Best Throw Of The Dice Is To Throw Them Away

This is an English proverb that was obviously meant to keep people away from the taverns and gambling houses. However good you are at gambling, you have to know when to quit gaming and cut your losses because no matter how many good throws you have at the dice, none of them will ever be good enough. You will always need another throw and that is how addiction is created.

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