Ten Reasons Artificial Christmas Trees are Better Than Real Ones

Ten Reasons Artificial Christmas Trees are Better Than Real Ones

Buying an artificial Christmas tree doesn’t make you Scrooge. There are actually plenty of advantages to choosing one of these trees over its real counterparts. These ten reasons should convince you that artificial is the way to go this holiday season.

They’re cheaper

There’s no time of year when our purse strings are pulled tighter than at Christmas. Artificial trees have a much are much cheaper than real trees, but there are more expensive options available if you want something a bit more special.

There are hundreds of different shapes, sizes and types

Artificial trees come in a variety of different forms that look just like real trees. You’re guaranteed to find a design you like from the diverse selection that’s online. Most garden centres have a varied selection of sizes and styles if you’re still looking for the perfect artificial Christmas tree.

They look good

A common misconception about artificial trees is that they look fake and synthetic. Whilst this may be true if you buy your tree from a budget store, you can actually purchase a number of beautiful trees that could be easily mistaken for the real thing.

They’re safer

The majority of artificial trees are flame retardant. This means that if the worst should happen, having an artificial tree in the house can lessen the damage. Real trees, on the other hand, dry out with age and can become more of a risk.

No maintenance required

Unless you class setting up your tree as maintenance, artificial trees require little to no effort to look after. You don’t have to worry about them shedding pine needles on your carpet and creating a mess – put it all together and you’re done!

Ten Reasons Artificial Christmas Trees are Better Than Real Ones

Keep it up for as long as you like

It’s good to know that your Christmas tree isn’t slowly dying as it decorates your living room. Put it up as early, or as late, as you like without worrying about the health of the tree.

They’re great if you have allergies

For those that are allergic to the smell of pine, artificial trees solve that problem too. Set them up in the home without the worry of having a reaction.

They’re reusable

You can save even more money by keeping your artificial Christmas tree and using it for as many festive periods as you like. Swap and change the decorations to keep things feeling merry year after year.

They’re easy to move, store and set up

Assembling an artificial Christmas tree isn’t difficult, and it’s a fun family tradition you can partake in ever year. When the season is over, the tree can be easily dismantled and stored in your attic or loft until next time.

They’re flexible for decorating

Once artificial trees are set up, they have a uniform shape that’s also incredibly customisable. It’s very easy to bend and move branches around as you hang various decorations and lights on them.

If you know of any other benefits to artificial Christmas trees do let us know in the comments below. 

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