Ten of The Best Places to Visit by Campervan in Europe

Ten of The Best Places to Visit by Campervan in Europe

Holidaying in Europe has become increasingly common over the years, with more and more niche spots being discovered or created that can appeal to a particular type of person – but for years, caravan users have been extremely limited in where they could go. Thankfully, that’s all changed. We’ve teamed up with Compare and Choose to create a list of the ten best places to visit by campervan in Europe, starting with number 10:

#10) Route 1, Iceland

It’s technically not a single place, but the famous Route 1 (the “Ring Road”) takes you on a 1,332km circuit around the country’s major towns and entertainment hubs. What makes it unique is that there are plenty of places to get off and experience some local entertainment, but it’s not forced – you can circle the island in two weeks or less than twenty hours.

#9) Landgoed de Barendonk estate, Beers, Netherlands

A camping site attached directly to the village of Beers, Barendonk is a great mixture of artificial features and natural aesthetics. It allows dogs, offers WiFi, and even some rentable cabins for those who want a change of scenery – plus a constant supply of fresh bread!

#8) Porto and Lisbon, Portugal

With plenty of beautiful places to set up camp, ranging from beaches to forests, this between-city trip has something that every nature lover can enjoy! If that’s not really your thing, plenty of towns and cities near the coast offer new experiences and opportunities. You don’t even need to bring your own transport – there are multiple campervan hire businesses in and around both cities.

#7) Quinta dos Moinhos, Braga, Portugal

But Portugal’s not only known for its coast – the Quinta dos Moinhos campground offers a more mountain-focused stay, with plenty of sports and attractions on offer. You can go kayaking, hire a mountain bike or take a break to play table tennis – all from the scenic comfort of the Alvão and Penda-Gerês national parks.

Ten of The Best Places to Visit by Campervan in Europe

#6) Val de Cantobre, France

A rustic environment can be hard to come by, but Le Val de Cantobre gets it right in almost every way – connected to a medieval farmhouse, this site keeps its classic looks whilst introducing new attractions. Its new pool complex is merely the cherry on top, not to mention all the available walks in the giant valley right next door!

#5) Chateau de Lacomte, France

Another French gem of a camping site, this country club offers a completely child-free experience: only adults are allowed to stay there, which often leads to much quieter, less stressful nights outdoors. Botany, astrology, birdwatching and various other pastimes are free to enjoy whenever they take your fancy!

#4) Lake Garda, Italy

A fantastic lake surrounded by cheap and easily-accessible campsites, this is one destination that’s worth it for the convenience alone! Whether you want to swim in the pools, explore the nearby port of Portese, grab some locally-made pizza or take a look at the Salo resort, there’s plenty of things to keep you occupied!

#3) Lake Thun, Switzerland

The all-year campgrounds near this Swedish lake allow for some excellent recreational opportunities – fishing, mini-golf, windsurfing and hiking, to name a few. The nearby town of Interlaken offers more conventional hotels, shopping experiences, the Jungfrau amusement park, and the Brenz-Rothorn mountain railway.

Ten of The Best Places to Visit by Campervan in Europe

#2) Corsica

A Mediterranean island with seemingly endless beaches, Corsica takes a slightly less conventional approach – cave exploration, nudist beaches, and the sea-based refreshment of thalassotherapy make this one island that’s worth the visit as long as you know where you’re going. The scenic environment and amazing plant life only enhance the experience.

#1) Zakynthos, Greece

An island that’s full of surprises, Zakynthos offers unmatched natural beauty and a wealth of classic architecture, from churches and cathedrals to a variety of different theme museums. The fantastic flora and fauna include olive trees, loggerhead turtles, and the omnipresent cicadas. If you’re lucky enough to find a camping spot that hasn’t already been snapped up, it’ll be more than worth the effort!

Do you have any other suggestions for places to visit while campervanning around Europe? If you do or like any of our suggestions, do let us know in the comments below.

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