Ten Places to See in Egypt That Are All Worth a Visit

One can discover Egypt in many ways, a cruise along the Nile (visit historical sites), by choosing a holiday destination on the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, opting for a specific destination, the Cairo (pyramids of Giza) or Luxor (Karnak Temple, the Valley of Kings and the Valley of queens) or for globetrotters warned, rental car or public transportation (taxi or bus) to Southern Egypt. So before you go booking a holiday to Egypt online you might want to check these ten places out…


1. Alexandria

Established for over 23 centuries by Alexander the Great, Alexandria is a huge museum, we owe to Dinocrates Rhodes, having a gym, court, the Soma (tomb of Alexander), the museum, the library and the theater (Neopolis). Other remains are still to be discovered as Pompey’s Pillar, the necropolis, the Greco-Roman catacombs of Kom el Chouqafa (discovered by chance in 1900 during the passage of a cart which sank within catacombs), they are spread over three levels and is accessed by a spiral staircase, fort Quaitbay and Amphitheatre of Kom el Dick Greco-Roman Museum (stucco paintings, statues, tapestries), the Crown Jewels Museum, the national Museum of Alexandria (antiques), the Montazah Gardens, the Library of Alexandria (modern architecture), the underwater museum, St. Mark’s Anglican Church, the Aquarium of the Bay of Anfushy (flying fish, butterfly fish), the Roman theatre, the Palace of Ras El-Tin (the largest of Egypt). The Alexandria beaches spread along the Mediterranean Sea to Maâmoura Chatby.


2. Cairo

The Egyptian Museum is the richest in the world and home to the treasures of Tutankhamun and the statue of Anubis, among other things; some parts are more than 5000 years. Other sights to discover El Azhar mosque (built there over ten centuries), the Coptic Museum (tapestries, embroidery and wood), the Gayer-Anderson Museum (historic homes), the Citadel of Saladin (built by crossed, it looks like a castle) overlooking the city and the bazaars of Khan el Khalili and Karnak.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

3. The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

These sites are located 25 km from Cairo; you can visit the royal chambers of the three pyramids, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, browse the site camel and enjoy a sound and light show.

The Monastery of Saint Catherine

4. The Monastery of Saint Catherine

Mount St. Catherine rises to 2600 meters; as the monastery was built in AD 520 by Emperor Justinian, it is an hour’s flight from Cairo and can be visited in part, behind Mount Moses (2300 m) and Mount Sinai (or where the Moses received the Ten Commandments), about 3700 steps for about three hours of climbing.

Cruise on the Nile from Cairo to Luxor

5. Cruise on the Nile from Cairo to Luxor

Consult offers packages and cruises in Egypt (all-inclusive or half-board stays, cruises, holiday clubs) South of Cairo to 245 km, Minya is the first step of cruise ships, nearby is the small town of Mellawi; this city has a museum where you see some mummies, further south, Beni Hasan and tombs more than 2,000 years and still 65 km to the south, the ruins of Tell el-Amarna city built by Akhenaten (underground tombs and headstones, Aton temple). A trip 380 km from Cairo, Assiut (burial caves), here a dam regulates the Nile. El Balyana, the temple of Abydos is not of lack of interest, royal tombs, bas-relief and hieroglyphics, most colours have remained intact. Do not neglect to visit the temple of Dendera, it is not far from Luxor and worth a visit, this is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt and its wall paintings and reliefs are very well preserved.


6. Luxor

The temples of Luxor and Karnak are distinct from a few kilometres, parts of these buildings are in good condition, these are the most impressive in the world share their huge columns and monuments. The obelisk in the street of harmony comes from Paris to Luxor Temple, one can find a similar copy. The Luxor Museum has statues of pharaohs and objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun.


7. Aswan

The cruise ships will not go away after navigation is no longer possible, visiting the city, its location is centred on the Nubia Museum of Antiquities and the legendary Sofitel Old Cartaract (François Mitterrand Agatha Christie Winston Churchill and Lady Di would have stayed), the ruins of the temples of the Elephantine Island, the island of flowers and botanical garden, granite quarries, the temples of Philae and the immense High Dam.

Sharm El Sheikh

8. Sharm El Sheikh

The “Bay of Princes” is the largest resort in the Sinai and represents the beaches and diving spots galore. Break destinations all-inclusive or half board.


9. Hurghada

Tourist town located on the shores of the Red Sea north of Luxor and 400 km from Suez destination stays organized activity of diving and spearfishing. You can visit the Maritime Museum and the aquarium.

Tomb of Tutankhamen

10. Tomb of Tutankhamen

On the left bank of the Nile, the necropolis of Thebes and countless tombs, the bodies of pharaohs, nobles and workers were buried there during the second millennium BC. In the Valley of the Kings, some tombs are accessible as that of Ramses VI of Seti first or Tutankhamen. In the Valley of the Queens and Princes (more than a hundred tombs) some tombs can be visited such as Nefertiti and son of Ramses III and Khaemwaset. The mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut near Deir el-Bahari don’t lack in interest, because of its size and its state of preservation, some hieroglyphs have retained their original colours.

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