Ten Interesting Facts About Baccarat You Might Not Know

Ten Interesting Facts About Baccarat You Might Not Know

Many people who sign up to an online casino will never play a single game of Baccarat, but I hope that will change today as we take a look at ten facts about this lesser-known casino game. While knowing these ten facts will not make you a better Baccarat player they will make you appreciate the game a little more…

Before 1907 Only Nobility Could Play it

Baccarat has been popular among the French nobility since the 19th century and it wasn’t until the legalization of casino gambling in 1907 that common people were allowed to play the game. While many people in France still played the game they weren’t allowed to do so.

It’s Growing in Popularity

Taking all the amount of money gambled on table games in casinos all over Nevada Baccarat tables in 2013 saw a 33.1% increase and in 2014 that rose to 45.2%! It is thought the reason is more people are getting into tables games because of the social element. but the same is not true when it comes to online casinos with Baccarat games.

It’s James Bonds Favourite Game

Baccarat features in more James Bond novels than any other casino game. This fictional secret agent was created by Ian Fleming and is best known for his films in which he played Baccarat in four of them Thunderball, Casino Royale, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and GoldenEye.

It Goes Under Many Names

Most Americans will know this game as Punto Banco and others call it baccarat banque. But it also goes under the names of North American baccarat, baccarat chemin de fer (or “chemmy”) and Deux tableaux.

Ten Interesting Facts About Baccarat You Might Not Know

You Can Be Delt Nothing!

10s, jacks, queens and kings all awarded ‘0’ to a hand’s total meaning you really can be delt nothing. Hence the reason it is the table game that earns the most in many casinos.

The Game Can Has Roots to the Age of Napoleon

Baccarat has taken on many dimensions over the centuries and its history is often disputed, but a ships journal did note that some Fench soldiers under the control of Napoleon did play a very early version of the game.

There are Only 3 Different Bets

This low number of hands is what makes Baccarat easy to get into as you can only bet on the following things, Place the bet on the banker’s hand to win, Wagering on a player hand to win or betting it will be a tie.

Its Been Played in Many Films

How many movies can you name that featured someone playing the classic card game of Baccarat? How about Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3, Jackie Chan in City Hunter or even the classic 60s movie A Hard Day’s Night.

Ten Interesting Facts About Baccarat You Might Not Know

Most People Don’t Play it Online

A 2013 survey of earnings from the big casino brands that have both real-world and online casinos showed over 68.5% of all Baccarat games were played in real casinos. The reason for this is because the game isn’t the best online due to the dealer being virtual, so it feels more like a slot game than an exciting card game.

Do you know of any other facts about Baccarat or maybe you have some stories to tell about it. Do tell us in the comments below because we would love to hear them.


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