Ten Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Kevin Hart

Ten Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Kevin Hart

“A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this career of mine,” is one of Kevin Heart’s most honest admissions and it is true. The little man as he likes to call himself is a real fighter who beat tough odds to become one of the biggest names in world comedy. He doesn’t like bragging nor rubbing his successes in “the world’s face…” because he says that is private and that is how humble he tends to be. He still manages to put a smile on everyone’s face somehow and here are some interesting facts you probably don’t know about him.

He Loves Poker

Kevin Hart is not a professional poker player but he does love it and as he confessed to Daniel Negreanu at the PokerStars Championship in Monte Carlo. He is one of the few stars that retain their partnerships with PokerStars after the exit of other big names like Christiano Ronaldo. He vowed to make PokerStars fun again and he did by making some crazy poker hands that even the best players of the sport find interesting. He has been shining in multiple poker events by playing funny hands for years since he hit the spotlight.

He Is Really Good At Basketball

Kevin Hart isn’t exactly Lebron James either but he had the dreams of becoming an NBA player while growing up. He did make it into the NBA through the backdoor though as he is always called up in the NBA all-stars celebrity team almost every year. He is a really difficult man to play against as he argues a lot and doesn’t always play according to the rules. You can’t help but laugh at his game, but it is interesting too as he manages a basket from time to time. The best one was when he named himself coach of a team and then changed his mind and joined the game midway when the team wasn’t winning.

He Did Go To College

Night School is one of Kevin Hart’s most viewed movies of all time where he portrays a guy that couldn’t finish high school and therefore comes for night classes to get his diploma. He has portrayed the school dropout in many other films and in his comedy. Now, although he didn’t stay to get his degree, Kevin Hard did join Philadelphia Community College after finishing high school. He dropped out and went to New York to pursue his acting career though. He is an avid supporter of education and even gives scholarships to students in his hometown to go to college every year.

He Had A Tough Childhood

Like many stars, Kevin Hart didn’t have the easiest of childhoods. His dad wasn’t in the picture much as he struggled with drug addiction and petty crime. Kevin and his elder brother had to rely on their mother to do most of the providing which is why he draws back to his mum for most of his life lessons. Kevin Hart said that he resorted to humour as a way of getting him through the toughest of situations and it worked for him because he has since used it to turn his life around.

Someone Threw A Chicken At Him

As Kevin Hart confesses most of the time, it is not very easy to make people laugh even when you are a funny person. Sometimes you are on stage and when someone doesn’t think you are funny enough, they will dismiss you and their methods may be extreme sometimes. During his early years in comedy, Hart was once booed off the stage by the audience. It got worse when people started throwing things and one of them was a chicken.

Ten Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Kevin Hart

He Tried His Hand at Music

Comedy didn’t start paying off immediately for Hart and he had a little bit of a career crisis trying his hand at other forms of art. He continued with singing as he became a celebrity and even released an album named Kevin Hart: What Now in 2016 which wasn’t much of a success. It was a rich album with lots of vocalists and you may enjoy a listen to Kevin Hart’s cracking voice smoothened into lyrics of Light it Up, all fall down among other songs.

His Original Stage Name Was “Lil Kev”

When comedians start out, they don’t use their full names on the stage like Kevin Hart. Well, he didn’t start on stage with his full name either. He embraced his “shortcomings” of being a 5`4“ man and being little back in the day because he hadn’t had much gym practice to add to his little size. The name didn’t hold out though as it was also one of the reasons, he got booed so he decided to make more jokes about his actual life and that is how his real name took the center stage.

He Was A Shoe Salesman

Yes, when you are young and trying to get a breakthrough in one of the toughest industries in the world, being broke can catch up with you. That is how Kevin Hart became a shoe salesman in Philadelphia to pay the bills. He said he was actually very good at the minimum wage job and a Nike deal was somewhere insight when he finally got his breakthrough.

He Doesn’t Mind Jokes About His Height

Embracing who you are is one of the easiest ways of turning your life into something fun and Kevin Hart never lacks something funny to say about himself. His jokes are mostly about his life and he doesn’t spare short people including himself in the rib-cracking jokes. Jokes about his height and lifestyle are the reasons why his show The Real Husbands Of Hollywood is so popular.

He Is Afraid Of Insects

Jumanji is another hit that the little man starred in but the acting process wasn’t as fun as he makes it seem. Outdoor living isn’t Kevin Hart’s greatest strength because he is afraid of all types of bugs and crawlers including common houseflies. Dwayne Johnson used to prank him with fake spiders just to make the cast laugh at Kevin Hart while shooting the film.

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