Ten Easy Steps to Dog Training Anyone Can Follow

Ten Easy Steps to Dog Training Anyone Can Follow
If you want to teach your adult dog new tricks or if you want to train a newly adopted puppy, you can find simple ways to guide your dog and give him the right training in this article. With a little patience and quick dog training tips, you can get very positive results.

Be Calm

This is the most simplest of tips we can give you yet it is the one most people fail on. Be calm and consistent, not loud and angrily repetitive.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Throughout the entire training process, it is one of the most important steps to remind your dog of the actions you want to do by repeating them frequently. If you want your dog to remember a move you taught him, have him repeat it patiently and consistently.

Don’t Over Do It

Keep training sessions short (five to 10 minutes at a time) – and focus on training one behaviour before ending the session with a fun game.

Show Them Yourself

Show your pup what you want them to do, don’t just physically force them to do it. They will copy just about anything in the end if you are doing it as well.

Ten Easy Steps to Dog Training Anyone Can Follow

Voice Commands

Do not yell at your dog. Instead, try to communicate with him with sharp and short commands. Then, When your dog does what you want him to do, call him by his name.


When your dog learns to obey your commands, reward him. For example, when you say “Stop” while walking with your dog, reward him there if he obeys this command. Later, during training, show him love and affection often so that he thinks your attention is a reward.

Toilet training

Set a regular schedule to meet your dog’s food and water needs during the toilet training process. Take him outside for a walk immediately after feeding. This will allow him to go to the toilet by digesting what he eats. Thus, when he needs a toilet in the future, he will ask you to take him out instead of doing it anywhere in the house. Curb the craving for water by placing ice cubes in the water bowl instead of water, so that there is no need for frequent urination at night.

Positive Reinforcement

Motivate your dog positively with rewards such as new toys to help him follow your rules and make it a routine. When your dog does something you want, compliment him in the style of “well done girl” “well done (dogs name)” “great” “good doggy”.

Ten Easy Steps to Dog Training Anyone Can Follow

Record Your Progress

It doesn’t matter if you film it and/or write it down, what matters is you are able to look back and notice small improvements that will keep you moving forward.

Keep It Fun

As long as you keep any training session fun your dog (and yourself) will want to do it over and over again. If your dog isn’t getting it today, just play ball, or go for a walk and pick it up another day.

We do hope at least one of these tips will be helpful to you and remember that it is not the dogs fault if your training isn’t going well. It just means you have to try it a different way.

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