Ten of the Most Common Dreams and the Meanings Behind Them

Ten of the Most Common Dreams and the Meanings Behind Them

We all have a dream to tell when we wake up in the morning. We can also guess why we see most of our dreams. This means that most of the time the dreams we see are related to what we experience in our lives. In short, we can say that we see the thoughts that exist in our subconscious as dreams. Some of us fly in our dreams and some of us travel in the car we always wanted. while it probably isn’t what you wanted we would like to share with you the dreams we see most frequently and the meanings behind them…

Car Accident

Seeing a car accident in a dream is something that happens to most of us. The car accident you see in your dream may be due to a brake failure or excessive speed. Or you can see it in the form of flying off a cliff. The meaning of seeing a car accident in a dream can be associated with a powerlessness or the presence of events in our lives that we cannot control.

No Signal

To see that electronic devices such as your mobile phone malfunction in your dream could mean that you have communication problems with someone close to you. In your dream, you see the cause of the malfunction, but you cannot fix the malfunction.

Going to Jail

Going to Jail

Getting lost in a dream or going to jail is a dream that most of us have. In the dream, we see ourselves as lost or imprisoned in a building or in an unfamiliar place. This dream gives you a feeling of terror and fear. The meaning of the dream is that you are having trouble making an important decision in your life.

Missing the Bus

You may see in your dream that you missed a train, bus or plane. To see that you miss the departure time of your transportation vehicle, which is your ticket, in a dream means that you missed or will miss a very important opportunity in life.

Failing a Test

Failing a Test

To dream that you fail an exam or miss the exam by being late means that you will take an exam in real life and you do not feel ready for this exam.

Being Sick

To dream that you or someone very close to you is sick or dying means that something hurts or frightens you in real life.

The Stalker

It is quite disturbing to see that you are being followed by someone or something in your dream and that you are trying to get rid of the pursuit by walking or running. What is following you can often be a group of people, a monster or an animal. This dream means that in real life someone or something is scaring you with their behaviour.

Seeing Ache

Seeing Ache

Seeing your tooth erupting or rotting in a dream has happened to most people. You can often find that you have very few teeth left or that your teeth have fallen out of your mouth. The meaning of this dream is that you are losing or losing your power in real life which will embarrass you.


To dream that you are naked or wearing an outfit that is not suitable for the environment you are in means that you are trying to show yourself too much to someone or a group.


Falling from the roof of a building, a cliff or a very high place in a dream is the most common dream. Such dreams mean a feeling of insecurity, lack of support and helplessness in life in reality. When you wake up with this type of dream, you may want to review all the problems in your life and leave them behind.

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