Ten Countries Around The World That Don’t Have an Army

Ten Countries Around The World That Don't Have an Army

The rankings we hear more often about the army are made under the heading of ” =the strongest armies” or maybe “the biggest armies”. but did you know that there are countries around the world that do not have any military elements? If your answer is “No”, this article will be interesting for you. These ten places have no official military personnel, but some of them do have military equipment…


The number of army personnel, which was 80 in 1868, became a non-military state with full demobilization in the same year.


The military defence needs of this state are met by the United States of America.

Republic of Kiribati

Republic of Kiribati

It is a country where the possession of military force is prohibited.


After the United States invasion in 1983, there was no military element left in the country.

Marshall Islands

Defence needs are met by the United States Navy in this country.



In this country where there is no army, security is completely provided by the Police.

Independent State of Samoa

The country’s defence needs are provided by New Zealand.

Costa Rica

After the civil war that lasted for days (44 days) in 1948, the concept of the army ended with the demobilization of the entire army.



The country’s defence needs are met by Australia through agreements.


Except for the Swiss Guards waiting for the ceremonies, there is no military element waiting in the Vatican State.

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