Top 10 Most Dangerous Snakes in the World

Snakes are one of the most terrifying reptiles on Earth. Closely related to lizards, the species are harmful even without arms, legs and even limbs. However, a majority of them are harmless and form an inevitable part of nature’s cycle. It is very surprising to see how they have adapted to different environments and how many different species have evolved over a period of time. Here is a list of just ten dangerous snakes from around the world…

Naja Ashei - Giant Spitting Cobra

1- Naja Ashei – Giant Spitting Cobra

Cobras are definitely one of the most dreaded snakes. They are known for their venom and some of them are even capable of spitting the deadly poison from several feet. They generally aim for the eyes and the venom is poisonous enough to cause blindness. Naja ashei are found in Kenya and measure up to nine feet in length. They are the most poisonous spitting cobras.

Crotalus Cerastes - Sidewinder Rattlesnake

2- Crotalus Cerastes – Sidewinder Rattlesnake

The species of snake is found in deserts. It is known as sidewinder because they move sideways instead of moving forward for movement. This reduces their contact with the sand and requires less energy apart from better gripping.

Erpeton Tentaculatum - The Tentacled Snake

3- Erpeton Tentaculatum – The Tentacled Snake

The snake species bears two tentacles, as their name suggests, which help them detect threats or more importantly food around. Their diet includes fish. Their hunting method is also quite unique as they jiggle their tail to direct the fish towards their mouth.

Elapidae - Cobras

4- Elapidae – Cobras

The species of snake belong to the same family as the cobras. Their beauty does not bring down their deadliness and spend their lives under the sea. Some of them cannot survive on land at all. They extract oxygen with the help of their skin through the water itself.

Rhabdophis - Tiger Keelback

5- Rhabdophis – Tiger Keelback

The species is known for its deadly poison. The Rhabdophis tigrinus secrete the deadly and toxic substance from the glands situated at the back of its neck. The diet of the snake comprises of poisonous toads that add to the venom of the snake.

Atractaspis - Mole Vipers

6- Atractaspis – Mole Vipers

The Atractaspis is also known as the mole viper. The snake spends most of its time underground but still marks its presence in the list of the most poisonous snake around. It hardly uses its jaws. It also possesses fangs that help in striking down its prey.

Eunectes Murinus - Green Anaconda

7- Eunectes Murinus – Green Anaconda

Anaconda, the snake species that sends a chill across your spine, with just a thought in your mind. It is one of the largest and heaviest snakes on the planet. The largest snake reported till now has lengths up to 16 feet. However, there are stories that have been flying around for years of spotting snakes with lengths of more than 30 feet. They do not give their prey a chance to escape. They wrap themselves around the prey until they die of suffocation. Finally, they swallow them as a whole.

Pareas Iwasakii - Iwasaki's Snail-eater

8- Pareas Iwasakii – Iwasaki’s Snail-eater

The species is found in Japan and is small in size but with an exceptionally large head. They are known for their asymmetrical jaws and have the oddest diet among all species. They live only on snails and that too only with clockwise shells. Their jaws make them incapable to live on snails with counterclockwise shells.

Scolecophidia - Blind Snakes

9- Scolecophidia – Blind Snakes

These snakes are also found underground only. Known as blindsnakes, they do not possess poison at all. Their eyes are covered by thin scales and have tubular bodies, making them suitable to live a life of a borrower. Their diet comprises of insects like termites and ants.

Chrysopelea - Flying Snake

10- Chrysopelea – Flying Snake

This is one of the most different species of all. They are known for their ability to fly. They are capable to flatten their body and can easily glide for a few hundred meters. They can even surpass many of their flying enemies in the sky.

Have you ever seen any of these species of snakes? Do you know of any other deadly snakes that should have made this list? If so do let us know in the comments below. 

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