Ten Secrets to Being an Effective Liar

Ten Secrets to Being an Effective Liar

If you have ever wished to manipulate other people and make them do what you want then you should read this article. It is natural for human brings to be dishonest and research has shown that the most popular students or children in school are those who are able to lie effectively. Like all other arts, lying will require a lot of practice and with time you get better at it. As you will realize, this article is meant to help you detect a liar rather than practice the art, but you can find ways to become a better liar online if these don’t help…

1- Have a Reason to Lie

psychologists will tell you that those who are caught and imprisoned for lying are bad liars. This means that you should not lie unless you actually have a good reason for doing so. So unless you have anything to gain from lying then y should avoid doing so.

2- Lay Down Your Own Groundwork

you need to come up with the details of your story before you tell them to others. This will help you realize any loopholes in your story if there are any. This is because it is always easier to tell if a story is false if the teller is making it up on the spot.

3- Tell a Twisted Truth

This is a technique that is guaranteed to get you results. All you have to do is tell the truth in a way that will leave the wrong impression. His is what is also commonly referred to as half sin, in that you are actually telling the truth, but in a twisted manner.

4- Know Your Target Audience

The same principle would apply to an effective communicator who has to identify his or her target audience. This means that you will try and understand what kind of things the target wants to hear so that you know the sensitive parts and avoid them. You will have to take into consideration his or her opinion on the same matter.

5- Get the Facts Straight and Stick to Them

Successful lying actually requires a lot of work on your part. You will have to take your time and get the acts right. Once you have the facts then stick to one story throughout because people have a habit of comparing notes and you do not want to get caught in that mess.

Ten Secrets to Being an Effective Liar

6- Stay on Course

When someone is trying to catch a liar, they will try and see how much the liar is committed to their story. You have to try and look honest throughout the story and keep the guilty look out o it. To make a great liar, you have to love the art. The reason people are caught is cause mostly they hate doing it.

7- Do Not Show any Signals

There are those obvious signals that liars give when they are making a story up. Make sure you do not fidget, touch your nose or avoid eye contact when telling your story. Successful liars are those who give minimal gestures and stay as calm as possible.

8- Use Your Emotions to Your Advantage

There are times in the lying process when there will be too much pressure especially when your target has become suspicious. This is the time you have to manipulate the other person either sexually or emotionally.

9- Attack Your Attacker

This is by using the counterattack principle where you accuse the other person instead. This is the principle that most politicians will use when attacking their opponents.

10- Bargain

This is the final principle for a great liar who wants the best out of a sticky situation. The trick is to accept very little responsibility for the situation and cool the other person down.

Samuel Butler once said “The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.” so only tell small lies and let us know in the comments below how it went.

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