Ten of The Best Wedding Locations in Long Beach, California

Ten of The Best Wedding Locations in Long Beach, California
Nestled along the southern coast of California, Long Beach boasts a beautiful blend of coastal charm, urban energy, and cultural richness. As one of the state’s most dynamic cities, it’s no surprise that countless couples choose Long Beach as the backdrop for their special day. Let’s dive into ten of the city’s most enchanting wedding locations.

Criteria for Selection

When selecting the perfect wedding venue, several factors come into play: ambience, accessibility, unique characteristics, and the potential for breathtaking photos. The spots listed below shine in all these aspects.

1. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Amidst the urban surroundings lies this tranquil sanctuary. The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden offers serene ponds, traditional Japanese architecture, and rich greenery, making it perfect for couples desiring a nature-inspired intimate ceremony.

2, The Queen Mary

Anchor your love story aboard the historic Queen Mary. This ocean liner promises an unforgettable setting with panoramic ocean views and an unmistakable Art Deco flair. It’s a dream come true for those envisioning a vintage-themed wedding.

3. The Reef on the Water

Picture saying “I do” with the Long Beach skyline and the majestic Queen Mary in the background. The Reef on the Water offers this stunning vista and boasts mouthwatering seafood for a delightful reception dinner.

4. The Grand Long Beach

From sprawling gardens to sophisticated ballrooms, The Grand Long Beach provides a variety of spaces to tailor your wedding to perfection.

5. The Loft on Pine

Bask in the ambience of exposed brick walls and rustic wooden beams at The Loft on Pine. It’s an ideal venue for couples leaning towards a rustic or boho-chic wedding.
Ten of The Best Wedding Locations in Long Beach, California

6. Hotel Maya

Step into a tropical paradise at Hotel Maya. The waterfront setting, complemented by floating cabanas and cosy fire pits, guarantees a resort-style wedding that guests will reminisce about for years.

7. The Ebell Club Long Beach

Channel timeless elegance at The Ebell Club Long Beach. With its chandeliers and grand ballroom, this venue exudes classic charm suitable for a traditionally themed wedding.

8. The Sky Room

Elevate your wedding experience‚ÄĒliterally. The Sky Room offers a rooftop setting, giving guests a 360-degree view of the city’s buzz and the ocean’s tranquillity.

9. The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

MOLAA presents a contemporary canvas for the art-loving couple, allowing them to blend their love story with vibrant artwork and modern architecture.

10. The Long Beach Museum of Art

Merge the beauty of art with the vastness of the Pacific. This oceanfront venue, with captivating art installations and a historic craftsman house, is ideal for intimate gatherings.

Long Beach’s diverse selection of venues ensures that every couple finds their dream wedding spot. The city’s offerings cater to various tastes and themes, from urban chic to coastal elegance.

If you’re considering a Long Beach wedding, remember that summers are popular, so book in advance. Also, consider teaming up with local wedding planners or vendors to make your big day seamless. And for out-of-town guests, the city has many accommodation options, ensuring their stay is as memorable as the wedding itself.

Ready to embark on your Long Beach wedding journey? Start by exploring these venues in person. Feel the vibes, visualize your day, and take the first step toward creating the wedding of your dreams. And if you found this guide helpful, could you share it with fellow brides-to-be? Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after in Long Beach!

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